X-Men Red Adds New Interior Artist in July's Issue #6

Beginning this July, X-Men Red will have a new regular artist handling interior art.

Starting with issue #6, artist Carmen Carnero will be joining writer Tom Taylor to bring the adventures of Jean Grey-led X-Men team to visual life. Carnero has previously illustrated issues of Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Cyclops and The Punisher, holding the distinction for being the first woman to ever draw the Marvel antihero's main ongoing series.

"It’s always special to return to where I was given my first opportunity in American comic books, especially a book so successful as X-Men Red is," Carnero said in an official statement. "It’s a lot of responsibility, but a welcome one! I’ve been really lucky, because the team’s lineup, all of it, it’s SO amazing and a dream for me. Jean Grey leading a super group formed by the best female and male mutant heroes? I can’t ask for more, especially having my favorite female characters as part of the group."

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"Carmen is bringing so much to X-Men: Red and we feel very lucky to have her join our team. While she can dazzle with big moments under the sea or Sentinels dropping out of the sky, it's the way her characters all act so uniquely that's blowing us away," Taylor observed in praise of his new collaborator's work. "Carmen has a rare ability to capture both complex expressions and subtle body language. Her characters breathe."

First launched as a sister title to X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold in February with writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar, X-Men Red follows the adventures of the newly resurrected Jean Grey as she leads her own fugitive team of mutants to protect a world that fears and hates them.

X-Men Red #6 will be released on July 18.

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