X-Men: All Of Rachel Summers’ Powers, Ranked

Rachel Summers, also known as Marvel Girl, is a mutant from an alternate Earth that has been bonded with the Phoenix Force. As the name suggests, Rachel is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. She has therefore inherited some of the abilities of her mother.

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It's fair to say that Rachel Summers is one of the most powerful mutants in all of the Marvel universe; whatever reality she is in. She's incredibly capable in a fight and can likely rival other telepathic mutants such as Professor Xavier and Jean Grey herself. We're taking a look at all of those powers and abilities and ranking them from the weakest to the strongest!


Like so many other heroes, Rachel Summers has the ability to fly. This is due to a combination of her mutants powers and the bonding of the Phoenix Force. As such, she can fly high above the battlefield and be able to get some perspective on the fight down below.

It's also useful to be able to travel quickly to any desired destination. However, despite the usefulness of the power, it's not nearly as great as some of the other abilities she has. While it would be amazing to be able to fly, it is at the bottom of this list; especially since so many others have this gift in the Marvel universe.


Telepathy is a gift that is hard to come by in the Marvel universe. Indeed, it has a number of uses, some of which we will outline here. However, one of these uses is that a mutant with telepathy can actually communicate using their mind.

This is amplified if the person they are communicating with is also a telepathic mutant, however, the power works on humans and other mutants alike. It's great if a message must be sent and there seems to be no limit to the power, with telepathic links being set up across the world.


Being able to telepathically link up to someone shows why Rachel Summers is really one of the most powerful mutants in all of Marvel. But these telepathic abilities also have a number of other uses. As we've seen from Professor X for instance, this power can be used to track mutants.

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Because Summers can mentally detect other life forms and especially mutants, she can use her abilities to track down someone that they are looking for. Whether it's the hunt for a criminal or rescuing a friend, there's plenty of scenarios where this power can save the day!


A mutant with the ability to mess with someone's mind has to be trusted. Because they really can manipulate events in order to work for them. One way they can do that is by jumping into someone's mind and interfering with it.

This can be done to heal or to hurt, but one of the main uses of manipulating someone's mind is to hack their memories. Rachel Summers can remove memories, change them in some way or perhaps insert new ones. This is a really dangerous ability for anyone to have!


Any hero needs some sort of weapon to fight with. Luckily Rachel Summers is a living weapon. Using her mutant powers, Summers can actually create concussive blasts from her hands. These blasts are powerful enough to actually throw an enemy back.

While these are not the most powerful ability at Rachel's disposal, it's one of the many powers she has that showcases why she could be an Omega level threat. They can be used in any scenario and are great for helping to get out of a difficult situation. They are also a go-to move in an intense battle, with the force able to distract most levels of enemy.


Rachel's psychic abilities are just as protective as they are offensive. She's therefore managed to utilize these abilities in order to defend herself and her friends during the more dangerous moments of the heroic career.

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Rachel can use her really strong abilities to create protective force fields. While they are not perfect and can break under extreme pressure, they are a worthwhile ability to continue to develop. They are constantly tested but as Summers grows as a mutant her shields will become far stronger.


These psychic abilities can create more physical items than just a force field though. Much like the mutant Psylocke, Rachel Summers can actually use her mental capabilities to form weapons of great strength. Her imagination really is her limit.

In the past Marvel Girl has created all sorts of weapons of destruction. We've seen axes and swords from her in the past although there's no telling what she could create next. These weapons are breakable but just as strong as any real weapon.


We're heading towards some of Rachel's premium powers now. This particular ability has been utilized on more than one occasion, but is used sparingly because of its consequences. After creating a mental connection with someone, Rachel can block their powers.

This ability usually works on just mutants as some other powers work in different ways. However, it's both incredibly lethal and a real lifesaver in battle. It can help her allies gain some valuable moments of rest, end a fight entirely, or protect someone against even themselves!


One of the most extreme abilities that Rachel has at her disposal is time manipulation. The very fabric of time can be used by her in a very limited way. There's a number of ways that this can happen, some of which have been previously demonstrated.

She can travel through time in very specific circumstances, although most of these abilities are actually mental. She can send her own mind or someone else's through time into a younger or older version of themselves, meaning they will carry on their life in a different body.


The Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful entities in all of the Marvel universe. It's had many films made about it and there will probably be another MCU related project based on it eventually. The usual user is Jean Grey, however Rachel Summers also possess the force.

This means that she has all of the vast and cosmic powers that this Phoenix can grant. The fiery entity is a really dangerous force to wield, but Summers is one of the few that seems to be able to control it in some way. She is given almost unlimited powers from it, with the force enhancing all her other powers on this list.

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