X-Men: 10 Worst Things Professor X Has Ever Done

Professor Charles Xavier is supposed to be the ultimate good guy. He was supposed to lead the X-Men and prove to the world there was nothing to fear from mutants. With Magneto wanting to protect mutants through fear, Charles wanted everyone to live in peace. However, what makes Professor X such a complicated character is that he is not perfect.

As a matter of fact, Professor X is far from perfect and has stepped over the line from hero to villain more times than most, and covered it up almost every single time. Charles has a lot of dark secrets in his past and is nowhere near the virtuous savior of the mutant race he pretends to be. Here are the 10 worst things Professor X has ever done.

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It all started from inside the womb. It may seem hard to believe, but Professor X was a genius even before he was born. As scary as that is, he also decided his decisions were best for everyone involved at that time. This mandate is something he maintained after he was born and grew into an adult.

In New X-Men #21, Charles Xavier sensed that his twin sister was evil and used his mutant powers before birth to kill her before she could also be born. Cassandra was delivered stillborn while Charles was healthy and grew into the heir to the family fortune. However, Cassandra did not die and her cells mutated in the sewers before evolving into a new body and becoming one of the X-Men's strongest villains.



Professor X was as bad of a father as he was a brother. As most Marvel fans know, Charles Xavier has a son named David Haller. He has mutant powers and multiple personalities, making him very powerful and very dangerous. David never had a chance.

Charles used his powers to save Gabrielle when she was in a psychiatric facility for Holocaust survivors and then became her lover. He got her pregnant, she had David, and Charles ran out on his family. Charles tried to make up for it years later in New Mutants #26, but it was too late. David caused the Age of Apocalypse, and Charles is mostly to blame.


Jean Grey was a young girl with mutant powers when Charles Xavier found her. She had two different powers — telekinesis and telepathy. However, Charles decided he needed to protect her from herself and put a block in her mind to keep her from knowing about and accessing her psychic powers.

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While the X-Men were in outer space on a mission, they encountered the Phoenix Force. He entered in Jean Grey and unlocked the block that Charles put in place. As a result, her powers came rushing back instantly, and the Phoenix took full control and almost destroyed the world.


15 reasons Wolverine is the worst X-Men

Wolverine first showed up as part of the New X-Men, a team Professor X put together to go and try to save his original students, who were all captured and trapped on a sentient island. Most of the new team were brought in by Charles to help them, including Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler.

However, years later, it turned out that one of the most famous members was not there out of his own free will. Wolverine was sent to assassinate Professor X and failed. Instead, in Wolverine: Origins #29, it showed that Charles went into Logan's already damaged and fractured mind and reprogrammed the mutant to think he came to join the X-Men.


The New X-Men were sent to save the original X-Men when they disappeared. Colossus, Storm, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler then joined the team for good, and Xavier formed a new mutant fighting force. This story happened in Giant-Size X-Men #1, but it turns out that between the last appearance of the original X-Men and the debut of this team, there was another X-Men team.

In Deadly Genesis, he sent a team that included Cyclops, Sway, Darwin, Havok, and Petra to save them. Every member of this team died except for Cyclops. Professor X than wiped Cyclops' memory and acted like the mutants never existed. He later wiped Scott's memory of his brother Vulcan, which caused the X-Men to banish him from his school.


A huge turning point for the X-Men happened in Uncanny X-Men #42 when Professor X died. Angel held his teacher and leader in his arms, and the entire team mourned his death. The X-Men then move on and continue to fight without him and become strong heroes along the way.

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It wasn't long before Professor X returned. See, he ever died at all, and it was Changeling who morphed into Charles and died to help Xavier fake his death. Professor X hid in the X-Men's basement all that time waiting for an alien invasion. Charles said later that he made his students think he died because he didn't want them to bother him.


Charles Xavier has always preached having morals and proving to the world that mutants and humans can live in peace together as long as they are open and honest with each other. That makes the fact that he joined the Illuminati a slap in the face of anyone who trusted him.

The Illuminati included some influential members, including Iron Man, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, Black Panther, and Namor. They plotted and planned many things behind the scenes to ensure that history played out as they wanted it to and this included banishing Hulk to another world and possibly plotting to kill Scarlet Witch.


The X-Men are one of the most powerful teams in the Marvel Universe. Almost every mutant in the world has been part of this team, or one of its offshoots, over the years. However, when the X-Men first started, it was a group of teenagers in Cyclops, Iceman, Beast, Angel, and Jean Grey.

They went to Xavier's school and were his students, raised to learn how to control their powers and also undertake their academic studies. Over the years, the school has brought in many children to teach. However, at the end of the day, Xavier always had one plan for these young children — to use as soldiers to fight supervillains.


Xavier Protocols

Batman has some failsafes in his Batcave that gives him everything he needs to use if he has to take down Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and more. Batman knows they are overpowered Godlike heroes and has a plan to protect the world if one of them goes bad. It is smart, but still makes Batman kind of a jerk.

Professor X is worse. He has the Xavier Protocols, which is the same thing but for his students. Yes, Charles has protocols in place where he can kill any of his students if they get out of line. Honestly, how can anyone trust him to lead them when he has a plan to destroy them?


The worst thing that Professor X ever did was finally snap in a battle with Magneto. Everyone knows that Charles is one of the most powerful telepaths in existence, and the only thing keeping him from enslaving the entire world is his sense of morals. However, after Magneto ripped out Wolverine's adamantium skeleton, Charles snapped.

He finally gave up on his old friend and went into Magneto's mind and shut it down. However, Magneto was full of rage at that moment, and when Charles got a sense of that, it caused a fracture in his mind. Magneto and Charles' minds merged as one, and it created Onslaught, a being that killed the Avengers and Fantastic Four and destroyed the world. Only Franklin Richards' incredible powers saved the Marvel Universe from ending.

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