X-Men Producer Speaks to Possible X-23, Alpha Flight Films

Alpha Flight by John Byrne

Fox is making a concerted effort to expand its "X-Men" film franchise beyond the core cast of mutants. Could spinoffs headlined by "Logan" co-star X-23 (Dafne Keen) and Canada's mutant superhero team Alpha Flight eventually make their way into theaters? X-Men producer Simon Kinberg sees both as possibilities.

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"I think it’s a real possibility," Kinberg told Latino Review when asked about an X-23 solo film. "Again, the real criteria is always to find a story that can really be unique, distinct, compelling, surprising, bold … all of that. She’s an amazing character, and Dafne does a great job launching the character in the film, so I think there’s a good chance you’ll see something of that kind down the line… at least I hope so."

While Alpha Flight could always guest-star in an "X-Men" movie as a friend or foe, Kinberg suggested the team has the potential to spin off into its own feature.

"The thing that’s amazing about the X-Men is that there are hundreds or thousands of characters and a handful of really great teams, and Alpha Flight is one of them," he said. "It’s not something that we’ve been actively developing, but when you think about what the next phase is beyond the movies we have on our plate like 'Deadpool 2,' 'New Mutants' and whatever the next X-Movie is going to be, and potentially 'X-23.'"

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"There are a lot of movies on the docket right now and 'Gambit,' and 'X-Force' would come after 'Deadpool 2.' On the other side of those, then we have to start thinking about not just what are the sequels to the movies that already exist but what are the new universes that we can get into and 'Alpha Flight' could be one of them. I wouldn’t want to stick them into an existing movie — I think they deserve to have their own."

Created by John Byrne, Alpha Flight debuted in 1979’s “X-Men” #120, before headlining a series for 130 issues from 1983 to 1994. Several revivals have followed, although none has approached the longevity, or popularity, of the original.

“Logan” is set in the near future, years after the epilogue of 2014’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past.” In it, a weary Logan, whose healing factor is failing, cares for an ailing Professor X in a hideout on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.

Opening March 3, “Logan” stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, Dafne Keen and Stephen Merchant.

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