The X-Men Welcome An All-New Omega Level Mutant To the Marvel Universe

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Iceman #2, from Sina Grace, Nathan Stockman, Federico Blee and VC's Joe Sabino, in stores now.

In the Marvel Universe, we've encountered several omega-level telepaths over the years. The most famous, of course, are the X-Men's Professor Xavier and Jean Grey, but there are also characters like Cassandra Nova (Xavier's twin sister), the Shadow King and Quentin Quire to consider.

Now, we're introduced to someone who proves to be just as powerful as another key mutant who falls into this elite category: Emma Frost. In Iceman #2, Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman reveal this new player on the board as none other than Emma's troubled brother, Christian.

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Grant Morrison, Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning introduced us to him in 2003's New X-Men and as his arc unfolded, it really was one of Marvel's more thought-provoking ones in the modern era. Christian was the only son in the Frost family, alongside sisters Emma, Adrienne and Cordelia. While they all had mental abilities, Christian didn't have any powers at all. This helped him become closer to Emma, who viewed him as her tether to humanity. Well, that's a thing of the past because we come to see Christian's powers were merely dormant, and now that they're active, they're on a level that could potentially rival Emma's.

In this issue, Emma contacts Iceman (Bobby Drake) as she believes he's the only mutant who could get through to her father, Winston. This is because, in the past, Winston turned on Christian for being gay, sending him away for reconditioning and driving the depressed young man to drugs and the verge of suicide. Emma tried to convince her dad to help him do the right thing years ago, but he lied about wanting to help Christian, instead opting to send him to an institution where his mental state became even more fragile. Now, Emma believes that -- given Bobby's own experience coming out as gay and how both his mutant and human families coped with it -- he's the right person talk some sense into Winston before he causes his son to kill himself.

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But when they meet Winston, they find Christian running amok. The shocking discovery here is that he actually killed his father, which led to his psychic powers manifesting fully. This turn of events is dangerous for a number of reasons. First, Christian is experiencing psychic schizophrenia similar to Legion, and one personality we see emerging is that of Winston. Christian's guilt over not being able to have a proper relationship with his father, coupled with Winston gaslighting him, causes a psychic projection of the deceased parent to push Emma to the limit.

Deep down, this is just Christian's psyche in a state of immense fracture, so Emma and Bobby search for a way to break him out and let him regain control. He eventually does, as the duo shows the projection of Winston that homosexuality is neither a crime nor a sin. And so, when psychic-Winston calms down, Christian's allowed to take back control of his mind, thus enabling him to exorcise the demons of dear old dad.

Therein lies another problem; in the past, the Frost family was never able to use their powers on each other. That's clearly changed, as Christian's abilities have affected the former White Queen, even managing to trap her in the astral plane -- a task Xavier himself has struggled to accomplish, as well as most telepaths who have ever gone up against her.

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As it stands, Christian could now become an instrument for Emma to use as she's just been given control of Frost Technologies following her dad's death. She knows he needs a mentor, and as he's so close to Emma, he's all too ready to become her protege. So while it's good news for Christian that he's able to finally live freely, it may spell bad news for the rest of the world, because we all know if she wants, Emma can proceed to turn her brother into an omega-level weapon.

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