Marvel’s Mystery X-Men Team Recruits Psylocke and Havok

Marvel Comics has revealed the first two members of the X-Men's new mystery team: Psylocke and Havok.

After releasing a silhouetted teaser cover yesterday for what was billed as "the most dysfunctional X-Men team you could possibly imagine," Marvel revealed that each day this week a new member of the team would be displayed on the Marvel Twitter account. Today's reveal of Psylocke and Havok comes with the caption, "A team of mutants like you've never seen before. Coming March 2020. First up, Psylocke and Havok. Can these two keep Krakoa's troublemakers in line? #MarvelComics"

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The last line regarding these X-Men helping to keep Krakoa's troublemakers in line is our first clue as to the mission statement for this mysterious team. Krakoa's defenses were recently breached in X-Force #1, resulting in a team of assassins killing Charles Xavier. Perhaps this new "dysfunctional" X-Men team is formed in the aftermath of Professor X's assassination?

Havok recently led a team of X-Men in Matthew Rosenberg's run on Astonishing X-Men, with Alex Summers following Rosenberg over to Uncanny X-Men. Havok was one of the many characters to die in Uncanny X-Men in the lead-up to Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X.

As for Psylocke, Kwannon is finally back in possession of her body after having Betsy Braddock occupy it for the last several years. Psylocke headlines the Fallen Angels Dawn of X series alongside X-23 and Kid Cable.

Stay tuned to CBR each day this week as members of this mysterious, dysfunctional X-Men team are revealed.

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