Marvel Is About to Introduce Its Most Dysfunctional X-Men Team Ever

Marvel's roster of X-Men titles is getting a new addition next year.

The publisher has released a piece of teaser art for "the most dysfunctional X-Men team you could possibly imagine," with the promise that a member of the team will be unveiled on the official Marvel Twitter account each day this week, beginning on Tuesday, December 3 at noon ET.

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The silhouettes make it difficult to accurately count how many X-Men appear on the teaser, but there appear to be nine characters hidden in the artwork. The tagline at the bottom of the teaser reveals the mystery team will debut in March 2020.

Starting at the bottom, a hero stands with their arms outstretched to their sides. If you look closely, they appear to have a small creature resting on their right shoulder. The character right behind also has some sort of object resting on their shoulder as well, but that could simply be a weapon or a piece of hardware.

Next, we have someone holding a sword with flowing long hair, another small X-Man who may simply be Doop, someone who may have horn-like objects growing out of their head (Marrow?), a character leaping at the screen with sharp claws, and finally, a larger-than-life X-Man taking up the background.

X-Men writer Jonathan Hickman has revealed there are several more titles in store to debut for the popular superhero franchise, including a solo series for Moira MacTaggert and an X-Corp team book.

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Stay tuned to CBR each day this week as members of this mysterious, dysfunctional X-Men team are revealed.

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