X-Men: The 10 Most Dangerous Members of The Shi’ar Imperial Guard

In the Marvel universe, most of the greatest super-hero team are on Earth. The X-Men, Avengers and even the Fantastic Four make up some of the most powerful teams of superhumans. Although there are many planets with many great superhumans, few other great super-powered teams exist.

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There is one notable exception, however: the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. Assembled to defend the empress of Shi'ar, this mishmash of super-powered aliens is one of the most formidable teams in the Galaxy. Throughout their history, they have fought very powerful enemies such as the X-Men, and often times come out victorious. Here are the top ten most dangerous member of the Shi'ar Imperial Gaurd, ranked.

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10 Earthquake

Earthquake is one of the Imperial Guard's smartest and most capable members. This alien warrior has the ability to control silicate matter and cause mini-earthquakes. His grey skin is actually super-dense, making it almost impossible to penetrate.

When the Shi'ar Empire decided that Jean Grey needed to die (because of her possession of the Pheonix Force), Earthquake was one of the eight warriors selected to fight the X-Men. This fight was of utmost importance, and the outcome would decide Jean's fate. Earthquake has always been one of the most capable Imperial Guardsmen, and he always will be.

9 Nightside

Nightside has the ability to generate darkness. She uses this power to blind and disorients her opponents. While her powers aren't quite as physically imposing, Nightside still manages to use them to deadly effect, essentially handicapping the Imperial Guard's opponents.

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Nightside has served on the Imperial Guard for many years, appearing on several different iterations of the team. Her steadfast loyalty to the crown has been proven time and time again. Throughout the Guard's history, there have been times where some of its members turned on their very own Empress/Emporer. With Nightside, that is not the case.

8 Zenith

Among the Imperial Guardsmen, none of them have powers as unique as Zenith's. Zenith can absorb the energy of any living been and then redirect that energy into powerful blasts. Even if you survive Zenith's powers when he sucks out your life force, he'll most likely put you down with his incredible concussive blasts.

One group the Imperial Guard often finds itself in conflict with is the Starjammers, a space-faring group of altruistic pirates. Raza Longknife, a member of the Starjammers, is actually the brother of Zenith. Despite their close familial bonds, these two are always willing to fight each other on behalf of their respective teams.

7 Onslaught

When it comes to Onslaught's powers, he's a bit of a jack of all trades. Onslaught possesses super-strength, enhanced speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, endurance and incredibly fast reaction time. Along with these powers, Onslaught has trained hard in many alien martial arts, to the point of mastery.

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Onslaught was on one of the most important Imperial Guardsmen missions during Operation: Galactic Storm. During the story, he and the other Guardsmen fought the Young Avengers and Quasar.

6 Smasher

In addition to his superhuman strength, durability, and power of flight, Smasher wears special goggles that are a game-changer on the battlefield. These goggles can identify and download the powers of his opponents. The only downside of these goggles is that they can only download one super-power at a time.

The original Smasher served the Guard for quite some time with great honor. Tragically, this Smasher was killed by the villainess Vulcan. Since his death, several other individuals have taken on the title and joined the Shi'ar Imperial Gaurd. The newest Smasher, however, is an Iowan who found the originals goggles. She later joined Captain America's Avengers team.

5 Starbolt

A Human Torch-esque character, Starbolt is always covered in cosmic flame-like energy. This energy allows him to fly in space and project the dangerous energy from his hands. Starbolt is one of the original Imperial Guardsmen and has been on the team almost as long as anyone else.

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This Shi'ar soldier originally got his abilities from dangerous experimentation. That experiment had side-effects, leaving the flaming alien unable to turn off his powers. With no chance of ever having a family, Starbolt has devoted his entire life to serving the Empire's throne.

4 Oracle

One of the few members of the Guard with psychic abilities, Oracle has always been a vital member of team success on the battlefield. Oracle has both advanced telepathic powers and precognition. This allows her to predict the enemy's moves and later disable said enemies in the midst of battle.

Oracle possesses an additional ability that few if any, other psychics have ever had. By activating her "Mind-Sight" Oracle can "read" certain physical objects and become aware of any impact or events that have happened or will happen to/around them. She can also grant this ability to those around her.

3 Warstar

Perhaps the strangest of the Imperial Guard, Warstar is made up of two beings, B'nee and C'cil. B'nee is a very small alien with the ability to generate electricity. The larger of the two, C'cil, has extreme levels of super-strength and durability. By using their powers together, these two warriors defeat their opponents with devastating combos.

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Over the course of his service, Warstar has shifted allegiances several times. While some of the Guardsmen choose to stay loyal to their original Emperess Lilandra, Warstar is quick to switch sides whenever Lilandra is captured or overthrown.

2 Neutron

Neutron is nearly the most powerful member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. This warrior has a black hole contained within his body. He can manipulate the energy of this black hole to amplify himself in many ways. Some of these applications include enhanced strength, stamina, and durability; an ability to absorb energy to further amplify his strength; outer space traversal and survival; and finally the ability to fly.

Neutron has used his abilities to fight with some of the best combatants in the galaxy. On one of these occasions, he battled Quasar (an incredibly powerful cosmic hero) and held his own for the whole fight.

1 Gladiator

Shi'Ar Imperial Guard

Not only is Gladiator the most powerful member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, but he is also one of the most powerful beings in all the universe period. He possesses Superman-level abilities that few other Marvel characters have ever exhibited.

The long-time leader of the Imperial Guard, Gladiator would later accept an offer to become Emperor over the entire Shi'ar Empire. He has defeated Thor, Nova, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Vulcan, and Hyperion. Gladiator has even survived direct blows from Odin and the Pheonix Force. With Gladiator on the squad, everyone in the Marvel universe better steer clear of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

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