X-Men meet 'Rainbow Brite' in this magical mashup

Although the X-Men and Rainbow Brite wouldn't appear to have much in common beyond a propensity for vividly colored costumes and occasionally chunky boots, they find cheerful common ground in this series of mashup illustrations by Rage Gear Studios.

Of course, Rainbow Brite herself (paired with Dazzler, naturally) is only the beginning. The Rage Gear gang calls in all of the Color Kids, matching them with the likes of Rogue, Jubilee, Wolverine, Storm and Northstar.

There's even a bit of explanation for some of the combinations on the Rage Gear Studios Facebook page.

[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="228131,228142,228141,228140,228139,228138,228137,228136,228135,228134,228133"]

(via Nerd Approved)

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