X-Men & Magneto Loom Large Over The Gifted Season Finale Promo

X-Men fans won't want to miss the two-hour season finale of Fox's The Gifted. The network has just released a new promo for the mutant drama's first season finale, a 30-second preview that is big on intrigue, action and promises.

Although the series has operated in a universe where the X-Men and the Brotherhood are mysteriously absent, the presence of both loom large in this promo. The name of the original mutant super-team is mentioned a few times, with an added tease that although they are gone, they might have left something behind.

While the Brotherhood isn't mentioned by name, we do get a mention of their leader, Magneto. The character's name isn't used, but we do see one of the Stepford Cuckoos talk to Polaris about her father, who comic book fans know very well is Magneto, who passed on his mutant gift to her. With this promo, we get the sense that we will see Polaris live up to the reputation set forth by her supervillain parent.

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The two-hour finale event will consist of the last two episodes of the season, "eXtraction" and "X-roads." The Gifted returned this week with a new episode, but will now take two weeks off before the final episodes air back-to-back on Jan. 15.

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