X-Men: 10 Of Magik’s Most Powerful Abilities, Finally Explained

A very popular character from both X-Men and New Mutants comics, Magik has quickly become one of the most popular mutants in Marvel comics. Originally, Magik was simply known as Illyana Rasputin, the sister of the X-Men's Colossus. Today, she has made a name for herself and stands in no-one else's shadow.

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Much of this popularity is due to the fact that Magik is incredibly powerful. Although these powers can be very hard to control at times, when Magik is in full command of her abilities, she becomes an absolute game-changer on the battlefield. Let's shed some light on some her most formidable powers of all.

10 Psionic Shields

Using the mystical energy at her disposal, Magik is able to defend herself and any allies she wishes from powerful attacks. There have been many occasions where Magik has used this ability to save the lives of her New Mutant and/or X-Men teammates.

These shields protect anyone inside from any sort of telepathic attack. That includes any sort of psi-bolt, mind wipe, or even a simple reading of the mind. Extremely powerful telepaths such as Professor X and the Shadow King have been unable to penetrate Magik's defenses.

9 Scrying

Scrying is one of the most useful tools a sorcerer or sorceress has at his or her disposal. Being able to spy upon certain enemies or being able to predict the outcomes of various events allows a scryer to avoid an untimely demise.

Upon gaining vast abilities in the realm of sorcery, Magik has been able to scry with relative success. While scrying is a quite simple spell for a magician to use, it is vastly important for gathering information. As a member of various teams such as the New Mutants and the X-Men, this ability makes Magik a vital teammate.

8 Astral Projection

What If Magik Strange

One of the weirdest abilities within the Marvel universe is astral projection. Used by a variety of telepaths and sorcerers, astral projection allows the user to separate his/her spiritual consciousness from their body. Then the user can freely travel through the physical world undetected, as a sort of invisible apparition.

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Magik can use this gift to scout out areas that may be perilous. It can also be used to access the Astral Plane, a dimension where astral forms can do battle with one another.

7 Energy Projection

Magik has a powerful connection to another dimension called Limbo. She can travel to and from it at will. As Magik's powers have grown, she has been able to tap into her connection to Limbo in new and interesting ways.

In more recent years, Magik has even been able to absorb energy from the Limbo dimension and project it outwards, in powerful blasts of dark energy. This allows Illyana more range in her fighting abilities.

6 Sorcery

Because of Magik's connection to Limbo, she has some magical abilities in addition to the powers from her genetic mutation. In fact, within Limbo, Magik is known as the Sorceress Supreme, much as Doctor Strange is the current Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. She has even been trained in the mystic arts by none other than Doctor Strange himself.

Within Limbo, Illyana is quite strong. On Earth, her abilities are much more limited. Despite this, her use of magic is still formidable and Illyana is often able to use difficult spells to get herself and her team out of a tight spot. Her sorcery can get out of hand at times. If she pushes her magical abilities too far, Magik is transformed into her Darkchylde persona.

5 Soulsword

Magik New Mutants

Perhaps one of the most iconic weapons in X-Men or New Mutant comics is Magik's sword. Using her magical energy, Illyana was able to create the sword using her own soul power. Thus the Soulsword was born. Without a doubt, one of Magik's most powerful abilities is being able to create such a weapon as the Soulsword.

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Since it is crafted from the pure energy of Magik's soul, the Soulsword has extremely powerful mystic applications. It is especially deadly to any form of magical energy, magical creatures, and is resistant to spells. It is essentially an anti-magic weapon. It is also extremely deadly to physical beings as well.

4 Stepping Discs

Magik the darkchilde

Magik's natural, mutant ability is teleportation. Unlike fellow mutants such as Nightcrawler, however, Magik utilizes special discs in order to teleport. After summoning one of these stepping discs, all one has to do is step on, or have one pass over them.

Instead of instantly traveling to the desired location, Magik's power actually brings her and anyone/thing else she wishes, to Limbo. Then, from Limbo, Magik is able to teleport back to wherever she wishes in the world. The distances she can travel in this way seem limitless. She has been able to teleport across the galaxy on a few occasions.

3 Eldritch Armor

One very interesting part of Magik's sorcery is her Eldritch Armor. It appears that the more she uses magic, the more this armor appears on Illyana's body. Alternatively, Magik can consciously conjure up the armor by focusing her abilities.

The Eldritch Armor is extremely strong, yet lightweight enough that Magik can move quite nimbly on the battlefield while donning it. Much like her Soulsword, the Eldritch Armor is especially useful against any kind of magic.

2 Control of Limbo

As Illyana's connection to the dimension of Limbo continues to grow stronger, so does her power over it. Now, after a long career of harnessing Limbo energy, Ilyana is able to control the dimension almost completely.

This makes Magik extremely powerful in the Limbo dimension. She's something of a goddess there. If she is able to transport any enemies to the dimension during a battle, it gives Magik a huge advantage.

1 Time Travel

Amanda Sefton Magik Daytripper

Magik is not limited to merely transporting objects and people through space. She can travel through time as well. Although this power seems like an absolute game-changer, it has proven to be much more of a burden than anything else.

Illyana has had quite a bit of difficulty controlling this one aspect of her mutant power. While it can prove to be one of the best gifts she has, Magik has often accidentally traveled to unintended points in Earth's timeline, nearly leading to her own death.

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