X-Men: 10 Times Magik Was The Most Powerful Mutant In The Marvel Universe

Do you believe in magic? If you live in the Marvel Universe, you ought to. Powerhouses like Doctor Strange, Merlin, Loki, and The Enchantress are all proficient in the Mystic Arts. However, none of them the same sort of twisted relationship that Illyana Rasputina has with the arcane.

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Illyana bears many titles; Colossus' younger sister, the Darkchylde of Limbo, and the Phoenix are just a few. Throughout the years, this New Mutant has fought for good, evil, and herself. In most instances, Illyana's performed mystical feats that prove her worthy of the name Magik. Here are ten times when Illyana seemed to be the most powerful mutant in existence!

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10 Knocking Out The New Mutants

As her Darkchylde alias implies, Illyana often struggles with her inner demons. Most of us only metaphorically grapple with our dark thoughts. Magik, on the other hand, struggles against the evil within regularly. Usually, she comes out on top - managing to maintain control of her body and mind. However, all Hell breaks loose in the rare instances when she loses.

During an instance in which Magik lost her Soulsword, she transformed into a demon and attacked her fellow New Mutants. Beast, Rockslide, and Pixie were helpless against Darkchylde's power. If she wanted to, Magik could've killed her fellow X-Men with ease! Thankfully, Illyana just wanted her weapon back.

9 Limiting Legion's Personalities

Thanks to FX's cerebral TV series, Legion's become a much more popular character these days. Despite the forest of red tape that prohibits the participation of certain characters, Legion does an excellent job of staying true to David Haller's mythos. In the comics, Haller is an Alpha and Omega-level mutant that's just as powerful as the show suggests he'll become someday.

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That's why it's utterly insane that Magik was able to enter David's mind and kill some of Haller's split personalities with her Soulsword! Illyana wasn't even in her Darkchylde form when she performed this feat - making Magik's display all the more incredible.

8 Defeating Dormammu

Dormammu header 2

As a consequence of her connection to the dark realm Limbo, Magik gained the attention of Dormammu. If she were a lesser woman, Illyana would've crumbled under the Dread One's mystical might. To his surprise, Magik faced Dormammu head on - bringing her fellow X Men to Limbo for backup.

By all accounts, Dormammu should have easily defeated the X-Men. But Magik's mythical abilities proved to be a huge game changer - with the other X-Men supporting her as needed. The battle was long and hard fought, but Magik and her teammates managed to win the war in the end. Keep in mind that this is the same Dormammu that regularly chumps out the Sorcerer Supreme! In the aftermath, Illyana sought out Stephen Strange to help her gain better control of her powers.

7 Employing The Eye Of Agamotto

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange has access to a nigh endless arsenal of fantastic weapons and ancient artifacts. However, none are more renowned or precious to Strange than the Eye of Agamotto. This supernatural relic is essentially Strange's signature weapon and badge of office. Very few beings are even capable of withstanding its power, let alone properly using it!

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After reading this far, it should come as no surprise that Magik is a member of that fateful few. After training with the Sorcerer Supreme for years, Illyana gained access to a wealth of potent spells, charms, and enchantments. Magik also learned how to wield the Eye of Agamotto, just like her mentor!

6 Ending Empirikul

They say that "the road to Hell is paved in good intentions." Empirikul is proof of this claim; they're a secret organization dedicated to eliminating harmful magic from the multiverse. Unfortunately, Empirikul views anything and everything that's even remotely tied to the arcane as potentially dangerous. We think you can see where we're going with this.

Eventually, Magik and Doctor Strange came face to face with Empirikul. After all attempts at bargaining and reasoning failed, Illyana and Stephen launched an attack against Empirikul. Scores of soulless machines and armies of bestial abominations fell to the combined might of Magik and Strange. In the end, nothing was left of Empirkul in their wake.

5 Ironing Out Inferno

When it comes to crossover events, nobody knows how to ramp up the stakes to apocalyptic heights like Marvel. Infinity War, House of M, World War Hulk, Seige, and Inferno are some of the company's all-time classics. It's that last story that centers around Magik and her impending transformation into a demon!

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Despite her best efforts, Illyana eventually accepts her role as the Queen of Limbo to save her friends. Physically, she twists and contorts into a satyr-like form with blood red skin. Magik's power also becomes so great that it threatens the Marvel Universe! Ultimately, Illyana saves the day by sacrificing herself and erasing a portion of time - without the aid of any Infinity Stones!

4 Forming The Phoenix Five

In the world of comic books, allegiances can be very sketchy. One minute the Avengers and the X-Men are working together to stop Onslaught, then years later they're at each others' throats! During the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline, the two factions fought over the fate of a young mutant named Hope Summers. Due to her immense power, the Phoenix Force sought Hope out to serve as its newest host.

Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus, and Magik intervened - absorbing the Phoenix Force's power and forming the Phoenix Five. Cosmic might can do a number on one's mental state, and the Phoenix Five eventually went to war with the Avengers, X-Men, and anyone else that they perceived as a threat. During her time as a member of the Phoenix Five, Magik was the most powerful mutant magic user alive!

3 Silencing Cyttorak

colossus magik

There was a caveat to the Phoenix Five's power - they had to share their strength with each other. While all five members of the faction were active, they were collectively weaker. However, their power grew whenever a member of the Five would lose their connection to the Phoenix Force. Yep, these guys started backstabbing each other as soon as they figured that last bit out.

After Colossus and Magik got into a fight, Illyana's older brother expressed that he only joined the Five in the hopes of escaping Cyttorak's grasp (read Fear Itself.) Illyana then transported Colossus to Limbo and used her Soulsword to sever Cyttorak's hold over him. For context, Cyttorak is the entity that's responsible for turning Cain Marko into the Juggernaut!

2 Besting Belasco

The most tragic part of Illyana's backstory is that she wasn't born with all of that darkness inside of her. On the contrary, Illyana used to be an adorable adolescent girl that hung out at the Xavier Institute and played with the X-Men. Then a demonic sorcerer named Belasco kidnapped Illy, took her to Limbo, and made her into his apprentice.

Years flew by as Magik underwent a grueling and inhuman training regiment. Belasco bound Illyana with Limbo, intent on turning her into the perfect arcane weapon. When Illy turned fourteen, she retaliated against Belasco and expelled him from Limbo - proving that the demon lord succeeded after all. Despite her young age, Illyana managed to conquer Limbo and becomes its ruler all on her own.

1 Living In Limbo

Magic Quiz Magik

Have you noticed a common theme throughout this article? Most of Mgaik's greatest feats involve her traveling to Limbo or transporting her foes to the Otherplace. In the previous entry, we mentioned that Belasco bound Illyana to the dark realm. Thanks to that unholy union, Illy possesses godlike power whenever she sets foot in Limbo!

Just as Cyttorak is the lord of the Crimson Cosmos, Magik holds complete and utter sway over Limbo. This power didn't come easy either - Ilyana had to fight legions of demons to consolidate her power. Even on a bad day, Illyana is one of the most competent mages in the X-Men's ranks. But when she's at home in Limbo, none can stand against her.

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