Marvel's Strangest (and Least Popular) X-Man Returns - And He's Not Alone

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Uncanny X-Men #9, by Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, Ed Brisson, Yildiray Cinar, Rachelle Rosenberg and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

On the cover to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's X-Men #1, the X-Men were introduced to the world as "the strangest super-heroes of all." That tagline was gone by the team's third appearance, but Marvel's mutants have always maintained a healthy amount of weirdness.

Thanks to their deeply odd mutant powers and bizarre appearances, it's easy to see why some of X-Men are considered outcasts, even in a world full of superheroes. And more often than not, the team's oddest members fade into the background after a few years of prominence.

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Now, alongside several other X-Men who've been out of action for a while, Maggott, one of the team's most infamously bizarre members, makes his triumphant return in Uncanny X-Men #9 after an extended absence.

In the penultimate chapter of "X-Men Disassembled," Jean Grey telepathically summons every X-Man on Earth to fight a Nate Grey-possessed Legion, who is wielding the combined power of Marvel's two strongest mutants. While the recently-revived Cyclops and Wolverine notably didn’t answer Jean's call, over two dozen other X-Men showed up for the imminent final battle.

From major characters like Beast and Colossus to obscure heroes like the sword-wielding Kylun, this marks the biggest gathering of X-Men in years. And while it would be easy to write Maggott off as another face in the crowd of heroes, he has a prominent place on the above page, where he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with iconic X-Men characters.

Which maybe shouldn't be too big of a surprise considering that despite fans' general lack of interest in the character, he was once an important member of the X-Men -- and in today's mutant era, just might find himself in a similar position again.

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