Comic Legends: What Was Kajagoogoo's Effect on X-Men History?

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Longshot gained his famous mullet because of the lead singer of the 1980s bang, Kajagoogoo.



Few comic books have had a more surprising influence on the comic book industry as Longshot, the minseries by Ann Nocenti and out of nowhere comic book superstar artist Arthur Adams...

There was not a whole ton of hype associated with the miniseries, but as soon as people saw Arthur Adams' artwork, well, it was a true game-changer. Although he was barely much older than the artists who would start Image Comics seven years later (heck, he was definitely YOUNGER than a bunch of them), Adams quickly proved to be one of the most influential artists of the era.

As I've written in an older edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed (don't ask me to find which one! Although, frankly, I'm sure I could get it if I spent a minute or two web searching), I wrote about how Carl Potts discovered Arthur Adams through a real fortuitous turn of events. Potts referred Adams to his friend and co-worker, Ann Nocenti, for the miniseries Nocenti has been working on for a while at this point, Longshot.

Nocenti had a lot of specific ideas in mind for Longshot's design, including his alien hands and his weird eye. Potts, an accomplished artist in his own right, did an early sketch of the basic idea for the character...

Then Adams added his own flair to the festivities...

When asked about the hair, Adams explained to Jon B. Cooke, "This was actually the early days of MTV, 20 years ago, and there was a group called Kaja Googoo, and I saw the lead singer and said, "Oh, that's weird hair! I don't see anyone in comics with that kind of hair, I can use that for Longshot!" I'm not sure where the rest of the costume was from, I was just trying to make it look different than other costumes that I was aware of."

Here is Limahl, the lead singer of Kajagoogoo...

Here's a music video of their big hit, "Too Shy"...

Here's the band...

Obviously, Longshot was a sensation and soon, Chris Claremont had the character added to the X-Men (Nocenti was the editor on the X-Men) and Adams began to draw covers and Annuals for the X-Men...

And then everyone went mullet crazy in the early 1990s!

And it might all be due to Kajagoogoo!

Thanks to Arthur Adams and Jon B. Cooke for the great information! Happy birthday, Albert Ching!

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