X-Men: The 10 Weirdest Personalities Legion Has Ever Taken On

The son of Charles Xavier, David Haller aka Legion has always been a vital character in X-Men comics. David has a severe case of dissociative identity disorder, with a vast, ever-expanding number of distinct personalities, all of which have their own powers. Some of these personalities are the most powerful beings in Marvel comics, making Legion an Omega-level mutant. With the FX show based on the same character soon to begin its final season, it's time to look back at some of the craziest crazies locked with Legions brain. Here are the top ten weirdest personalities Legion has ever taken on.

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10 Clown

One of the weirdest and also scariest, the Clown was a Legion personality that debuted in New Mutants. A John Wayne Gacy-esque creep, this personality had the ability to produce powerful, high-frequency screams. Locked within Haller's psyche, the New Mutants Karma and Magic found themselves confronted by The Clown. Although his screams were powerful, Magik quickly stabbed him with her Soulsword, killing off the creep once and for all.

9 Living Cell Phone

Appearing in X-Men: Legacy #5, this was definitely one of Davids weirdest personas. Although only showing up briefly, this personality gives us the creeps. His power is biological cellular transmission from within Haller's head. Although it appears to be sentient, the Living Cell Phone lies propped against a wall lifelessly while David uses it to make calls around the world. Its reach is seemingly unlimited, as he is able to call the Embassy of Israel in London from Westchester, New York.

8 Sally

An extremely obese woman, Sally may be one of the saddest personalities rattling around in Legions head. She has the ability to continue to expand her mass, growing stronger and more invulnerable as she gets bigger. Her powers come with a downside, however, as Sally is very insecure and depressed about her weight. She repeatedly says the phrase, "nobody loves me" and even cries it out as she attacks her opponents—very weird, to say the least.

7 Pukatus Jr.

In order to escape a group of villains known as the Yamaguchi-Kai Clan, Legion summons his Pukatus Jr. personality. This creature's appearance can be best described as half-demon, half cherub. It has the ability to fly and produce acid from its mouth. Although somewhat powerful, Pukatus Jr. was not much help in Davids escape as he could barely control it.

6 Non-Newtonian Annie

In a battle with the X-Men, Legion used certain personalities to neutralize different mutants' powers. One of the stronger X-Men, Frenzy, had her powers canceled out by Non-Newtonian Annie. The zombie-looking Annie personality has the ability to absorb and reflect kinetic energy. When Frenzy hit David, he felt nothing. The force of Frenzy's blow was absorbed and redirected back at her, sending her flying. What makes Annie weird is not necessarily her powers, but her ghastly appearance.

5 Hypnobloke

When Legion came into conflict with Cyclops X-Men, he found the mutant Magik to be a tough opponent. Due to her connection to magic, she was immune to his telepathic attacks. Unfortunately for the X-Men, David had a trick up his sleeve: Hypnobloke. Using traditional hypnotic suggestion, the Hypnobloke was able to lull Magik under his suggestion. Once under his control, Hynobloke convinced her that there was no such thing as magic. Magik then lost her abilities and the will to fight, granting Legion a quick victory.

4 Origamist

A giant sumo wrestler with a bad temper, the Origamist is one personality you don't want to mess with. You would expect such a being to have Hulk-like strength and other powers along those same lines. That is not the case; the Origamist is a teleporter. He gives Legion the ability not only to teleport anywhere he wants, but also the ability to teleport random objects anywhere he wishes. In order to teleport things, Origamist folds reality onto itself. Much like the folding of origami. That's where his name comes from. This makes him one of Legion's more powerful and important personalities, giving him a power with lots of utility.

3 Skinsmith

Much like Hypnobloke was used to disable Magik, David called upon Skinsmith to disable the X-Man known as Chamber. Chamber is made out of pure psionic energy. All of this energy is housed within his physical body. He releases this psionic energy through a hole in his chest and the bottom half of his face.

That's where Skinsmith comes in. In order to stop Chamber, David uses Skinsmith's abilities of skin manipulation to not only cover up the holes in his face and head but encase his entire upper body in a gross layer of skin. This ability was applied to a horrifying effect, no doubt leaving Chamber psychologically scarred for a long time afterward.

2 The Fiend

After Professor Charles Xavier's death, David was devastated. In order to cope with the trauma, a new personality was created: The Fiend.  His power is precognition, the ability to look into the future. Taking on the form of Xavier, The Fiend haunted David's mind and killed off many of the other personalities. Upon doing so, he absorbed their powers and continued to grow stronger.

Although initially antagonistic, The Fiend later tries to help David in dealing with his trauma. In their last encounter with one another, The Fiend and David made a deal. The Fiend would let David use his powers of precognition under one condition; The Fiend is allowed to take control of David's body for one minute at any time of The Fiend's choosing. To this day, reader's anxiously await this characters return.

1 Marci Sabol

Having been seemingly captured by Legion, the New Mutants set out to rescue the young girl Marci Sabol. David did not want any harm to come to Marci, but unfortunately one of his more malevolent personalities killed her. David then absorbed Marci upon her death, creating a new personality within his head. While she is one of his kinder personalities, due to her origins, Marci is by far the weirdest and most disturbing one that Legion has ever had.

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