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X-Men Legacy #253

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
X-Men Legacy #253

Fallout from Mike Carey’s Age of X event continues to be the primary conflict both physically and emotionally in “X-Men Legacy” as the team fights the two remaining Legion personalities still loose and causing havoc, Styx and Endgame. It’s a nice change of pace considering that too frequently when an “event” ends, we’re given a quick exit and little to no ramifications post “event.” Sometimes, of course, that’s a welcome respite from an event we didn’t like or were tired of in the first place. In the case of Age of X, though, some very interesting threads were left hanging and now Carey is doing an admirable job of dealing with them.

The “twist” in this issue is not particularly unexpected or original considering what we know of the players on the field, but it’s very well done, consistent, and satisfying. As always, Carey is particularly good with Rogue, in developing her as a character, and in using her powers in creative and interesting ways. Paired with Legion, Rogue has somewhat endless possibilities and Carey always seems to be thinking and developing her in that way, which is considerably refreshing, both for superhero comics in general and for Rogue specifically. It proves what a boon it is as a character in any comics universe to have a talented creator acting as an advocate for them.

One of the best things Carey does in this issue is not the resolution to this arc, but the flawless way that he takes us into the next one. The stories tie together beautifully. It’s the kind of long range plotting that feels well-considered and smart. It’s also a great set up for the next issue. Rather than ending on a nice tied up moment from this arc, we’re immediately launched into the next story and end on a cliffhanger for that new arc. It’s a technique that writers should try to employ more frequently given the serial nature of comics.

Khoi Pham’s art here is nice. Some of the early fight sequence is a little muddy and confusing, but the characters all look great and there are a few fantastic panels that have great impact. The ending, Rogue’s fight with Styx, and the result of that battle is particularly well done.

“X-Men Legacy” remains one of the most reliably good reads of the X-titles thanks to Carey’s strong and careful work. And if you’re a fan of Rogue, “Legacy” has consistently been a fantastic and nuanced exploration of the character.