X-Men: Legacy #213

Story by
Art by
Scot Eaton
Cover by
Marvel Comics

Following the explosive events of last issue, X-Men: Legacy #213 (a Divided We Stand tie-in) picks up right where the action-packed firefight left off! With the surprising return of the Ragin Cajun, Gambit, Charles must resume putting the pieces of his memory back together while continuing to ward off opposition. X-Men: Legacy #213, written by superstar writer Mike Carey, will shed some light on a particular sinister x-villain that may have had something to do with Xavier's childhood. Combined with the rich pencils of Scot Eaton, the return of everyone's favorite New Orleans's native has this issue packed with so much kinetic energy it will be exploding off store shelves.

"Solid story, interesting plot developments, great art, it is hard to ask for more out of a comic book." said Comicbulletin.com's Christopher Power. Also, IGN.com's Daniel Crown mentions, "X-Men Legacy is undeniably an interesting take on the X-Men, and specifically Charles Xavier, but more importantly it's a good one."

Be sure to check orders on all X-Titles as all Divided We Stand titles as they continue to generate rave reviews and reveal the future (and history) of mutantkind!

How far can Remy LeBeau take Charles along his quest to trace his past? To find out what role Gambit's former love has in Xavier's quest and what the shocking revelations are surrounding Sebastian Shaw, be sure to pick X-Men: Legacy #213!

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