Mutant Cinematic Universe: 10 X-Men We Can’t Wait To See In The MCU (And 10 We’ve Had Enough Of)

The moment the news broke that Disney was interested in buying Fox, fans were instantly debating when and how mutants would show up in the MCU. Current theories involve everything from the Reality Stone to Scarlet Witch creating them. There’s no question that things will drastically change after Avengers 4. Some of that will be fallout from Thanos, which may include major character exits. We know that Kevin Feige wants to introduce the X-Men universe at some point, but the real question is who should make their way into the MCU, and who will they be played by.

Beginning in 2000 with X-Men, we have been through everything with this universe of characters, including a Wolverine spinoff trilogy and two Deadpool movies. The popularity of this franchise means that Marvel shouldn’t just start over like it did with Spider-Man. This leads us to wonder which characters take priority in joining the MCU. We know there are obvious choices like Deadpool and Wolverine, but who else are we most excited to see interact with Tony, T’Challa, Natasha, Bruce and Steve. Conversely, there are some characters that we are exhausted with, because we’ve seen their stories told over and over. By the time the X-Men join the MCU, the franchise will be bursting at the seams with heroes, which means there’s just not room for everyone. As we prepare for the onslaught of comic book movies in 2019, let’s discuss the 10 X-Men we can’t wait to see in the MCU, and 10 we’ve had enough of.


Everyone, including Hugh Jackman, has been waiting decades to see Wolverine fight against or alongside the Avengers. Unfortunately, Jackman was done playing the role by the time the studios decided to come together. Of course, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see Logan meet Tony and Steve.

This is one of the few times Marvel’s fresh start approach will benefit everyone. Yes, whoever they choose will have big shoes to fill and unreasonable expectations, but they can’t not include Wolverine. As one of Marvel’s flagship characters, the company needs to do whatever it takes to get him in the MCU. That being said, a small part of us is still holding out hope for Jackman to change his mind.


In the original films Mystique was Magneto’s loyal right hand woman, willing to do whatever it takes to advance the cause. Her lack of origin and lines helped her live up to her name, She was a fascinating villain, who was treated as Magneto’s equal. We love this version, and are completely on board with seeing her in the MCU.

However, the emotionally compromised and unsure Mystique that has become the center of the younger team reboots is someone we don’t need to spend anymore time with. We understand giving the character a new story, but she was basically reinvented and frankly, it wasn’t always for the better. Magneto definitely needs Mystique, we just hope it’s the original one.


Stephen Merchant as Caliban in "Logan"

In a film full of standout performances, Stephen Merchant made us want more of Caliban. Like everyone else in the film, his story is tragic yet captivating. Since Logan is about Wolverine and Laura, we don’t get to spend enough time exploring Caliban’s guilt over tracking other mutants.

The character has so much left to give, that we can’t imagine not seeing him become a more central part of whatever mutant story the MCU will tell. This is also one of those instances where we want to see the current actor continue playing the role. Merchant absolutely belongs in the MCU. Yes, he didn’t make it out of Logan, but the studio will have to retcon the plot to bring back Wolverine so it works.


Nicholas Hoult as Beast

It’s not that we don’t like Hank, but the MCU has a brilliant scientist who occasionally turns into a giant monster, so where does that leave Beast? It’s true we could have two, but that’s not something studios usually do. Unfortunately for Hank, everywhere his story would go, we’ve already been with Bruce.

From his stalled romance with Mystique to his struggles with his powers, Hank has continually been pushed to the side in the films. They’ve never made the best use of the character, so perhaps they free him to be used on TV, where he may get more story and have a greater impact.


In the lead up to X-Men: Apocalypse, Fox hyped up Olivia Munn’s appearance as Psylocke, leading fans to believe the character would make a big debut in the film. As it turned out, she was given very little to do and it was one of the major criticisms of the movie.

Of course, in the MCU we could finally see the character, and the actress who plays her, given a spotlight. We have to assume the appearance of mutants will be something the Avengers are threatened by and a powerful telepath like Psylocke is exactly the kind of person who would send Tony Stark into a tailspin. Not to mention, a showdown between her and Scarlet Witch would be a fantastic moment.


Bobby Drake is a great hero and a popular character. It’s not that we don’t want to see him in the MCU, we just think the character would be better served by joining a TV series like The Gifted. We’ve followed Bobby from his parents discovering he’s a mutant to him becoming a full-fledged X-Men. Unless the films plan to explore his sexuality, which we don’t think they will, there’s not much left to do with him.

On TV he can come out of hiding and act as a mentor to young mutants, becoming a leader in the underground. Maybe he goes the other way and joins the bad guys? Either way, his small screen choices are endless, whereas, on the big screen he’s limited.


There’s nothing in the comic book world like Deadpool, so when it comes to its characters we feel that they all need to stick together. Based on what we saw in Deadpool 2, we can’t wait to see what Cable and Wade do in their next outing. The characters worked so well as a team that they must have more adventures together.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of Cable, so there’s plenty more to come from the character. Plus, if we’re really done with Thanos, Josh Brolin will be free to continue without any crazy crossovers. And, we all want to see what happens with Cable and Domino.


Fans have been debating the merits of Scott Summers for years, and honestly, the movies haven’t really helped matters. They have had the hero be somewhere between annoying, clingy boyfriend and completely unimportant to every story. James Marsden has done the best he can to make Cyclops interesting, but he’s not a miracle worker.

As the MCU looks to launch mutants into the franchise, this would be a good time for them to give Scott a rest and let some other heroes take center stage. Let a new character lead the team and perhaps save Cyclops to enter the fray later, after some time has passed.


Ask any fan who the breakout star of Deadpool 2 was and they will tell you it was Domino. Her power of luck made for one of the most unique and fun action sequences in comic book movies. Zazie Beetz’s confident performance underscored how much this character is needed in the genre.

The MCU has no one like Domino and they need her. Obviously, she can keep hanging out with Wade and Cable, but she could also work with Black Widow and the Dora Milaje. That’s the great thing about movies. You can see characters partner with people they may not have met in the comics.


If there’s one thing the MCU has no shortage of, it’s heroes who can fly. Of course, this isn’t Angel’s only contribution, but it’s a major one. Sadly for Warren, he’s just a victim of the "too many heroes, not enough time" rule. If producers decided to include him, he would just end up lost in the crowd.

Seeing as how the character hasn’t had the greatest luck on the big screen, it’s not like this is a huge loss. Producers keep trying to make Angel happen and it’s just not working. Sometimes you have to know when to give up and start over.


Magneto Michael Fassbender

If we’re really done with Thanos and the Infinity Stones, and Loki is no longer working against the Avengers, then the MCU is in need of another charismatic villain who can cross into many different properties. That sounds like a job for Magneto. We don’t presume to know what producers have in mind for mutants, but we must assume that Magneto will want freedom for his people.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Ian McKellan or Michael Fassbender, but either way, the MCU needs a villain like Magneto. He’s powerful, sure of his agenda and charismatic enough to build a loyal following. Most intriguing of all, he’s not necessarily wrong. His introduction would shake up everything.


We know it’s blasphemous to even think about having the X-Men without Professor X, however, it’s not completely impossible. The most recent films have portrayed Charles as a bit of a control freak who thinks he knows what’s best for all his students. He cares, he’s just stubborn. Early trailers for Dark Phoenix are practically painting him as the villain.

If this is the direction they’re going in, then perhaps it’s time for the character to take a break and for someone else to become the leader and mentor to the students. There’s also the idea that Patrick Stewart has made it clear he’s done being Charles and that makes us feel like we’re done for a while.


Logan gave us the heartbreaking loss of the title character, but it also introduced Laura as X-23, giving us a Wolverine for the next generation. She’s a warrior and she’s a child new to the outside world, so the story possibilities are endless. We all know a kid superhero is something Disney would love to make a ton of merchandise for.

Bringing in Laura also introduces all the mutant friends she escaped with at the end of the movie. Her character is the doorway to whole new corner of the X-Men universe, and the MCU should take full advantage. The best case scenario is that we get both Laura and Logan fighting together.


X-Men Days of Future Past Rogue Cut

In 2000’s X-Men, Rogue was our entry into the mutant world. We’ve been with her as she learned to fit in, struggled with her inability to have human contact and decided to give up her powers. With the relaunch of the franchise, it seems producers have moved on from the character, not including her in the time bending Days of Future Past.

We feel that as mutants enter the MCU, there will be a better way to establish the world and more interesting characters to follow. Anna Paquin did a great job drawing us into Rogue’s emotional strife, but it’s time to explore the struggles of other mutants.


A fan favorite, Jubilee has never been really featured in an X-Men film. Her largest role came in Apocalypse played by Lana Condor. However, even then she mainly appeared in a small supporting capacity. With her cool look and dynamic powers, Jubilee is due for a great showcase moment on the big screen.

Having her in the franchise would also greatly benefit Wolverine, as a story about their friendship would show the character with an emotional connection that doesn’t involve Jean. It’s well past time for Jubilee to make a real on screen debut. It would also be nice for the audience to see some of the X-Men we haven’t already spent years with.


Here’s the thing about Kitty Pryde, she’s a fascinating character full of depth and a long list of stories to tell. However, none of those are going to be used in the movies, so it’s time to move the character to the small screen. She could appear on The Gifted or the crazy world of Legion.

Perhaps, the best place for her would be Runaways or Cloak and Dagger. While we know those are part of the MCU, they’re not really connected, so as long as mutants have been established it works. On TV, she will have the room and space to have some of those interesting arcs examined.


Through all the ups and downs of the franchise, Storm has remained an essential part of the X-Men's success. As Wakanda becomes the center of the MCU, it makes sense to introduce its queen.

Storm's connection to T'Challa is an important part of his story, and fans desperately want to see the two finally meet. There's no way mutants can exist in the MCU without these two becoming a prominent couple. This also provides producers the perfect opportunity to recast the role, making the character new again. Halle Berry has been spectacular as the team's leader, but we’re guessing Marvel Studios will want her to pass the torch.


We wanted Gambit to work, we really did, but at this point we don't think it's in the cards. Through three directors, and who knows how many scripts, no comic book movie has had a tougher road to the big screen, and with Disney buying Fox, it's now facing its biggest hurdle.

This is a rare case where the behind the scenes drama of a movie have not only made the film less desirable, but has also weakened the character. Thief Remy LeBeau might make an interesting addition to the X-Men, but we don't think he fits in with the MCU.


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

As the breakout star of the X-Men franchise, Deadpool is by far the most anticipated addition to the MCU. If Marvel Studios’ producers are smart (and we know they are), they wouldn't change a thing, because everything Ryan Reynolds and the gang are doing is working.

The only question anyone really has, is how Wade will work in the PG-13 world of the MCU? Based on the trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool, it seems like there's nothing to worry about. Reynolds’ perfect performance as the Merc with a Mouth will help lessen the sting of possible original cast departures. We’re so excited to see Deadpool and Spider-Man on-screen together we can hardly stand it.


Sorry Jean, the MCU already has an all-powerful, redhead, who’s afraid of her powers and has a complicated love life. The position is filled. For 19 years, the X-Men movies have revolved around Jean’s struggles with her Phoenix persona. It has played a role in almost every film. The upcoming Dark Phoenix will once again explore all her problems.

We just can’t do this anymore. We can not spend another two decades watching her cry over being scared of herself. This isn’t a knock against Famke Janssen or Sophie Turner, it’s a commentary on the predictable stories we’ve seen from this character. Sure, there are other stories, but at this point we just don’t care. Frankly, we’re done and ready to move on.

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