X-Men Alum Ian McKellen Comments on Bryan Singer Abuse Allegations

Ian McKellen as Magneto

As filmmaker Bryan Singer faces mounting allegations of sexual misconduct, Sir Ian McKellen, who portrayed Magneto in three X-Men films helmed by Singer, has spoken up about accusations.

While appearing at a National Student Pride event in England over the weekend, McKellen was asked what he thought of sexual misconduct claims against Singer and frequent collaborator Kevin Spacey.

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"Both of them were in the closet and hence all their problems as people and their relationship with other people," McKellen observed. "If they had been able to be open about themselves and their desires, they wouldn’t have started abusing people in the way they’ve been accused."

In December, a lawsuit was filed against Singer for raping a seventeen-year-old boy in 2003. Then, in January 2019, an expose was published by The Atlantic accusing Singer of years of sexual misconduct with underage boys.  In response, Singer denied all allegations, dismissing The Atlantic article as "a homophobic smear piece."

As for if Singer and Spacey should be completely blacklisted from working in the entertainment industry, McKellen is unsure.

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"I rather think that’s up to the public. Do you want to see someone that’s been accused of something that you don’t approve of? Do you ever want to see them again?" McKellen mused. "If the answer is no, you won’t buy a ticket, you won’t turn on the television. But there may be others for whom that’s not a consideration, and it’s difficult to be exactly black and white."

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