X-Men Gold Will Reveal the Origin of Storm's Asgardian Hammer

x-men gold #33

Storm was recently received a power boost in the pages of X-Men Gold #25, where she was reunited with Stormcaster, the enchanted Asgardian hammer that imbues her with abilities on par with Thor. And in August, readers will finally learn the truth about the otherworldly weapon.

The solicitation text for X-Men Gold #33, by writer Mark Guggenheim and artist Michele Bandini, promises the the full story about Stormcaster, created at the behest of Loki and presented to Storm in 1985's Uncanny X-Men Annual #9. When she picked up the hammer, she was transformed into the goddess of thunder. However, when Storm realized she was being manipulated by Loki, she gave up Stormcaster.

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Before Stormcaster reappeared last month in X-Men Gold #25, it hadn't been seen since 2011's X-Men: To Serve and Protect #3, when it was believed to have been destroyed. Storm was surprised by the hammer's reappearance in X-Men Gold, which included hints that this version of Stormcaster is from another realm. That could allude to the Battleworld from the 2015 multiversal crossover Secret Wars, which had a Storm version of Thor appearing in the tie-in miniseries Thors. In the meantime, the upcoming issue of X-Men Gold promises to shed some light on Storm's new weapon.

Here's the solicitation text for X-Men Gold #33:

X-Men Gold #33



Michele Bandini (A)

Cover by Phil Noto

Storm returns to the Kenyan village that once worshipped her as a goddess!

But now, with her Stormcaster hammer, it’s true…isn’t it?

The truth about Storm’s Asgardian hammer is revealed here!

X-Men Gold #33, by writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Michele Bandini, will be release in August by Marvel.

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