Wedding Bells, Old Foes & A New Team: Guggenheim Talks X-Men Gold

One of the reasons Marvel Comics X-Men is such a popular franchise is the work legendary writer Chris Claremont and subsequent creators have done seeding and tending to long term plot threads. Elements and characters introduced one issue will return several months or years later, and then further down the line, a story will come that pays out satisfying developments for readers that have watched that story grow. It's a grand tradition in X-Men books, and is something writer Marc Guggenheim wanted to continue with his run on X-Men Gold.

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For the past 20 issues, Guggenheim and his artistic collaborators have been tending to long-term developments with regard to relationships, characters arcs and antagonists. The months ahead will reward readers who have been following the book since issue #1, with a number of payoffs that will culminate in a wedding between team leader Kitty Pryde and Colossus in June's X-Men Gold #30.

CBR spoke with Guggenheim about the wedding and the events leading up to which include the return of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the formation of a new X-Men team, and the climax of his long term plans for team member Rachel Grey AKA Prestige.

CBR: Let's kick off with the big announcement, the fact that Kitty Pryde proposed to Colossus, and they'll be getting married in X-Men Gold #30. A lot of the subplots in your run on the book so far have involved setting the stage for that. What made you want to bring Kitty and Peter back together? And what made you want to take their relationship to the next level?

Marc Guggenheim: This was part of my original pitch for Gold. I knew that I wanted to have Kitty lead the team, and I knew that I wanted Colossus to be a member of it. In my mind, once you've got Kitty and Colossus on the same team the elephant in the room then becomes: what's the status of their relationship? Are they going to get back together? The trick is, they've been back and forth for so many years, I thought that if I was going to get them back together, their relationship has to progress to the next step. Because otherwise it just feels like you're going backwards instead of forwards. So my goal was to try and push their relationship to a deeper, more advance place than what we've seen before.

Weddings involve families both biological and chosen. So will we see more of Peter and Kitty's biological family members in the months ahead in X-Men Gold?

Unfortunately, both of them don't really have much in terms of biological family that's still alive. Of course, this may the part of the interview that gets me in trouble with the internet if my recollection is wrong. [Laughs] It's my understanding though that Kitty's father is dead. I'm pretty sure her mother is dead too. Peter's parents are dead as well, and he has an uncle who's currently warming a cell in Russia.

So there's not a whole lot of people who are alive and available to make the wedding. They'll instead have to rely on their friends and adopted families.

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