Which X-Man Is Responsible For Ruining Marvel's Big Wedding?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for X-Men Gold #30 by Marc Guggenheim, David Marquez, Matthew Wilson and Cory Petit, on sale now.

This summer in superhero comics has been somewhat defined by two monumental marriages; on DC’s side there’s the imminent nuptials between Batman and Catwoman. Marvel, on the other hand, has been touting the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus in the pages of X-Men Gold.

As revealed by Marvel yesterday, however, the latter wedding didn’t end up going as planned. And while there was a happy ending for a certain mutant couple, it wasn’t Kitty and Piotr. So, why didn’t the wedding occur, and what caused Kitty Pryde to develop cold feet? It turns out, some advice from one of her closest friends led the leader of the X-Men to realize that this isn’t what she wanted after all.

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Best Friends Forever

The night before the wedding, while the X-Men and friends party ahead of the big day, Kitty Pryde joins her best friend Illyana Rasputin on the roof for a private chat. Sensing something is wrong, Kitty pries it out of her bestie, with Illyana reluctantly telling her that she doesn’t think Kitty should marry her brother.

The romance between Shadowcat and Colossus has been on-and-off for over thirty years real-time and despite their affection for each other, it’s never quite worked out for them. Illyana tells Kitty that she thinks that if it was going to happen it would have happened by now, planting that seed of doubt in her mind.

When it comes to the big day, everything seems to be going fine and both Kitty and Piotr seem elated to be marrying each other, but when the time comes to put the ring on her finger, Colossus’ hand passes right through. While Kitty may have had every intention on marrying him up until that moment, she’s been known in times of extreme stress not to be able to control her phasing power. Here, it causes her to realize that she can’t go through with the wedding.

Later that night, Kitty and Colossus have a heart-to-heart where she tells him that though she loves him and she wanted to marry him, the words of the Rabbi forced her to confront the ups and downs of their courtship and she realised that it was a messy and unstable foundation to build a marriage on. It doesn’t necessarily seem as if Kitty and Piotr are breaking up and they seem to be in somewhat good spirits when they return to what would have been the reception to encourage Rogue and Gambit to take the plunge, but Kitty makes it clear that she might not ever be ready to get married.

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The issue ends on a somewhat happy note as Rogue and Gambit are married and will go on to star in the upcoming Mr. and Mrs. X ongoing series by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua. Where both Piotr and Kitty go from here is up in there air, but the cover of X-Men Gold #31 suggests that there may be more heartache and sadness before the series ends later this year.

So much of X-Men Gold as a series has been about Kitty Pryde returning to the X-Men from her time on the Guardians of the Galaxy and going from the youngest member of the team to its new leader. Her arc over the course of the series’ two years has provided a certain level of character growth for one of the few superhero characters who does grow and change as time goes by, but that does open up the question of what's next for her.

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