Someone Just Popped The Question In X-Men Gold

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for X-Men Gold #20 by Marc Guggenheim, Diego Bernard, JP Mayer, Frank Martin and Cory Petit, on sale now.

Last year, Marvel teased the “Wedding of the Century” for June 20th, 2018, and while many names were thrown around — a lot of speculation focused on Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson — it seems that this week’s issue of X-Men Gold has revealed the lucky couple.

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The entire X-Men Gold team has been pairing up recently, with Nightcrawler and Prestige rekindling a romance that hearkens back to their old Excalibur days, while Old Man Logan and Storm have danced around the fact that she used to date his younger self. However, it’s neither of those couples that are tying the knot. Instead, the X-Men’s very own Ross and Rachel, Kitty Pryde and Colossus, appear to be headed down the aisle.

The Long And Winding Road

Kitty and Piotr’s relationship goes back a long, long way, and every time it seems like they were finally going to be able to make it work, something has come along to snatch happiness from their grasp. Despite a somewhat creepy age difference initially, there was obvious chemistry between the two mutants. It was first broken when Colossus was spirited away to Battleworld where he fell in love with the alien healer Zsaji. He later sought reconciliation with Kitty, only to find her dating her excalibur teammate Pete Wisdom. Colossus died shortly thereafter, sacrificing himself to cure the Legacy Virus.

Almost a decade later, Colossus was resurrected and the couple finally had their long-awaited reunion. It was short-lived, though, as Kitty sacrificed herself to permanently phase with a planet-sized bullet in order to save the Earth. She was later rescued by Magneto, but found herself in permanent phase and was unable to touch or even talk without the aid of a specially designed suit. After she was cured of this affliction, she and Piotr were again separated by the Schism, an event which saw Colossus siding with Cyclops and Kitty siding with Wolverine.

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Colossus attempted to woo Kitty once again as a member of the Phoenix Five, but his unchecked power scared Kitty, who was dating Iceman at the time. Then, in the wake of Avengers vs X-Men, Colossus found himself a fugitive and became romantically involved with Domino, while Kitty left for space with her new boyfriend Star-Lord. It’s only in the last year that the pair have found themselves on the same team once more. It seems that this time, they might actually have a chance at making it work.

Mutant Marriage

Marc Guggenheim has been building to this moment since the start of his run on X-Men Gold, with Kitty realizing she still has feeling for Piotr after he put himself in harm’s way to stop a nano-sentinel cloud, thus losing the ability to transform his skin into metal. As they grew closer, Piotr floated the idea of marriage while the couple visited Washington D.C.. Piotr suggested that they’ve come close enough to finding happiness together so many times, they should just go ahead and get married. Kitty asked for time to think about his less-than-romantic proposal, but their recent adventures in the Negative Zone seem to have clarified her feelings for him.

Colossus nearly died while they were in the Negative Zone, leading Kitty to realize that she doesn’t ever want to not be with him. Asking him if “the offer is still good?” Kitty asks Colossus to marry her. While we don’t get Piotr’s reaction in this issue, the tease for the next issue is simply the word “Engagement,” suggesting that his reaction will be enthusiastically positive.

In a medium where characters are stuck in the same status-quo for decades, Kitty Pryde stands apart. She went from bratty teenager to seasoned X-Men member to leader of the team over the course of nearly forty years. Now, her personal life is making the same strides as she prepares to head down the aisle, but knowing superhero comics, there’s still likely to be bumps along the road.

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