Some X-Men Consider Claiming an Unused (But Popular) Superhero Team Name

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Gold #30 by Marc Guggenheim, David Marquez, Matthew Wilson and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

In case you hadn't heard, Marvel Comics' wedding ceremony in X-Men Gold #30 gained a lot of attention the day before its official release. Though the expected nuptials between Kitty Pryde and Colossus were hyped for months, the issue featured a surprise twist that saw Gambit and Rogue tying the knot instead.

However, before all the wedding drama took place, there were much happier times at the couple's rehearsal dinner. The people assembled for the meal can be considered a "Who's Who" of the X-Men franchise, with one awkward example coming from a conversation between the adult, resurrected Jean Grey; the younger, time-displaced Jean Grey; and Jean's alternate reality daughter from the future, Rachel Grey.

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As heartwarming as it was to see Kitty reunited with Lockheed and his new extended family, we're going to focus on a quartet of mutants, and the possibility of them breaking off to form their own X-Men team -- after borrowing a well-known super group's name, of course.

Time-Displaced Twins? Dual Doppelgangers?

It's not every day you get to see two separate versions of the same characters get to hold a conversation with one another, but that's exactly what happens in X-Men Gold #30. After Beast meddled with the timestream to bring Charles Xavier's initial class of X-Men to the present, the Marvel Universe has had to get accustomed to having a young and old Iceman, Angel and Beast occupying the same space.

Deciding to put any worries about time paradoxes behind them, the Icemen and Beasts share a few good moments together at the rehearsal dinner. The conversation becomes enticing when present-day Iceman suggests the four heroes form their own team. After names like "Time-Displaced Twins" and "Dual Doppelgangers" are tossed out, young Bobby Drake reveals the perfect team name: Fantastic Four.


Of course, while there are currently no plans to spin these four characters off into their own series (that we know of), X-Men Gold #30 will lead to Rogue and Gambit starring in the previously X-Classified title, Mr. and Mrs. X.

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One interesting observation is young Iceman stating the Fantastic Four name is not being used at the moment, which is why they'd be able to steal it for themselves. Though Marvel's First Family have been missing from the publisher's monthly output since 2015, the Human Torch and Thing have hopped from title to title, with Johnny Storm appearing in Uncanny Inhumans and Uncanny Avengers, while Ben Grimm traveled the cosmos in Guardians of the Galaxy and hunted Doctor Doom in Infamous Iron Man.

Recently, the duo has starred in Marvel's 2-In-One as they've begun a search of the Multiverse for Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, with it all leading to a relaunch of Fantastic Four from writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli. So even though there isn't an active Fantastic Four team operating in the Marvel Universe, they will soon make their triumphant return in August.

Another monkey wrench in a potential "X-4" or "Fantastic X-Men" team is the upcoming Extermination X-Men event that will focus on the temporal threat caused by the original X-Men not returning to their proper timeline, and the cancellation of X-Men Blue in September. And if not getting the chance to see this team form is disappointing, you might not want to think about how 20th Century Fox hasn't found a way to bring their X-Men and Fantastic Four film franchises together for a crossover either.

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