Completely eXcluded: 15 X-Men Fox Refuses To Put In The Movies

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When it comes to superpowers, no one does it quite like the X-Men. With numerous teams of heroes and hundreds of different mutants, each with their own backstory and special abilities, the world of the X-Men is packed with great characters that have yet to be adapted to screen in Fox’s successful film franchise. With ten films in total and and an extended cast of hundreds of different mutants, Fox have taken their pick from huge numbers of heroes and villains inhabiting the Marvel Universe to a mostly successful degree, with characters like Wolverine, Cyclops and Jean Grey (while not all treated fairly by the film franchise) making lasting impressions due to their strong developed characters and impressive power sets.

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Unfortunately, not every mutant is born equal (when it comes to superpowers at least) and some feature abilities or characteristics that ensure that Fox would never use them in the X-Men film universe. Decades of stories by numerous writers and artists have birthed some amazing characters: and some that are better left on the cutting room floor. Whether visually unsettling, laughable or just not suitable for kids -- here are 15 of those unfortunate mutants that just wouldn’t make the cut.

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Xorn Battle of The Atom
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Xorn Battle of The Atom

Surely a metal mask-wearing mutant with a sun inside his head is a surefire winner in an X-Men movie? Well don’t hold your breath because Xorn will never show up in future films. Originally thought to be a Chinese mutant with a whole host of superpowers (including healing, teleportation and yes, a sun for a brain), later revealed to be Magneto in disguise.

He'd finally be retconned as a separate mutant pretending to be Magneto (who has a twin with a black hole for a brain), Xorn’s backstory is a complicated mess and his multiple identity-reveals seem would pointless when set against the backdrop of a larger movie plot. Don’t count on seeing Xorn in live-action any time soon, plus, can you imagine seeing Michael Fassbender wearing that suit? Ouch.


Marrow From X-Men

With a dodgy past and disgusting power, Marrow is a surefire "no" for Fox’s film franchise (eagle-eyed fans may have noticed a cameo of sorts). Originally a member of the Morlocks (mutants who live underground due to physically deforming mutations) and later the violent splinter group Gene Nation, Marrow eventually became an X-Man, hoping to redeem her past actions.

Even without her questionable life choices, this mutant’s power assures that she will be left out of the films; Marrow’s bones grow out of her skin -gross enough, but she often pulls of bits of bone and uses them as weapons against her enemies, clubbing them over the head or throwing sharpened pieces of bone at them like knives. Somewhat similar to X-Men: Evolution’s Spyke (except far more extreme) Marrow’s mutation is not one that anyone is eager to see in live action.


Able to generate a huge energy force field around herself in the form of a big red suit of power armor, this mutant has one of the cooler powers on this list. Created by Joss Whedon during his acclaimed run on Astonishing X-Men, Armor would no doubt be a welcome addition to a team of on-screen X-Men, given her impressive and original ability, however the difficulty Fox would face in bringing her suit of armor to life convincingly on the big screen means that we’ll never see her in any upcoming films.

It’s highly unlikely that Fox’s X-Producers would spend time and money on such a lesser-known character when they have many more popular mutants to choose from; sorry Armor, no screen time for you.


The daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from an alternate timeline (the "Days of Future Past" timeline to be exact) Rachel Summers (or Grey depending on the way the wind is blowing) is a powerful telepath and telekinetic who has been a prominent member of multiple X-Men teams since the '80s. Despite her solid backstory and character development, Fox would never use her in their film series, as she would seem too similar to Jean and pointless as a separate character.

Although Rachel would provide a nice link to the Deadpool series (she’s Cable’s half-sister) and give Jean and Scott plenty to talk about, her presence would most likely over-complicate an already convoluted timeline and ultimately detract from future X-Men films; sorry Rachel, your future in cinema is looking pretty gray.


X-Men/Generation X - Husk

Kind of like a gross version of Mystique, Husk has the ability to change her form into that of another person or material (she can even become adamantium), with one catch -- she has to remove her current layer of skin to reveal the new form underneath every time. More at home in a horror film or B-movie, Husk would never make the jump to the big screen, as having to watch one of the good guys tear their own skin off before each battle seems like a big price to pay for a bit of superhero fun.

Besides having this clear disadvantage to her powers, Husk would most likely seem too similar to Mystique to get any decent development on screen, as everyone’s favorite shape shifter is a key staple of Fox’s franchise.


It’s not hard to see why a mutant prostitute won’t be gracing our screens any time soon. Stacy X (formerly X-Stacy and more recently, Ripcord) is a lady of the night whose mutation allow her to release pheromones that can stimulate bodily functions in other people, such as vomiting or -- yep, that’s right -- "finishing".

Although it’s hard to deny she’s an interesting character, let’s not pretend for one second that we want to see Stacy X using her powers in future X-Men films, plus her presence would make it all but impossible for Fox to retain their usual PG-13 rating, although given the success of the R-rated Logan, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Either way, don’t get used to the idea of seeing Stacy X any time soon.



With a superpower impressing absolutely nobody, Goldballs is one of the X-Men’s lamest recruits. Unsurprisingly, this mutant’s ability means that he is able to projects golden colored spheres at a high speed from any part of his body which he uses as weapons or spare ping pong balls. Not all mutants can be born with the ability to read minds or fly, but Goldballs could have at least been given a cooler name to make up for his "power".

It would truly be a revelation to see Goldballs fighting alongside the X-Men in a future film, but don’t get your hopes up though. He’s recently been hanging out with Miles Morales, Earth’s other Spider-Man and would feel more at home as a minor character in Marvel Studios’ more upbeat film universe: don’t mention he’s a mutant though!


15 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The X-Men

Dazzler has one crazy past. A disco singer with the ability to convert sound vibrations into different kinds of light, this mutant was originally conceived as a cross-platform collaboration between Marvel Comics and Casablanca Records, proving that the '80s were an extremely odd time. Although the Casablanca connections were dropped the same year as her debut, Dazzler remained a somewhat music-themed hero, with her performing on stage in many of her subsequent appearances during her time with the X-Men.

It’s hard to see one of them team breaking into song during a heated battle during the next X-Men movie, and although Dazzler still remains an active comics character today, she is still a product of a different era, one which wouldn’t translate well to the big screen.



Beak is another mutant who drew the evolutionary short straw. Bird-like in every sense but that which matters, Beak’s mutation turned him into an unattractive creature whose wings allow him to glide unsteadily, rather than majestically soar like old-school mutant Angel. Beak was eventually de-powered and reverted to human form by the events of the "House of M" storyline, and fought alongside the New Warriors as Blackwing (slightly cooler, but not by much).

Although he’d never become a member of the X-Men in any future films (although he did sort of appear in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), it isn’t too hard to imagine Beak in a background shot as a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, however he’d have to be pretty far into the background as a live action version of this mutant would be nothing short of terrifying.



X-Treme (or Adam-X to his friends) is the physical embodiment of comic books in the beloved '90s. Complete with garish costume, inexplicable baseball cap and ridiculous superpower, X-Treme would be more at home in a decades-old arcade game than a multi-million dollar superhero movie. This particular X-Man’s ability is electrokinetic haemopyrokinesis: he can set fire to your blood (told you he was invented in the '90s), a power difficult to see alongside Quicksilver’s super-speed or Jean Grey’s telekinesis in the X-Men’s next cinematic battle.

Even without his crazy super power we’re talking about a man who wears a backwards baseball cap with black and silver bladed armor; a fashion nightmare; along with possibly having the worst name in comic book history: X-Tremely lame more like.


Glob Herman

A pink, bulbous mutant whose skin is transparent and flammable, Glob Herman is another X-Man whose mutation is having just plain bad and awful luck. Whereas with the right CGI and acting combination he could look genuinely creepy on screen alongside our favorite mutants, or as a young student struggling with his unfortunate powers, could anybody really take him seriously with a name like as atrocious as "Glob Herman"?

A member of the Brotherhood somewhat resembling a much less dramatic version of Herman appeared briefly (and we mean briefly) in X-Men: The Last Stand, but as of yet, good old Glob has yet to properly make the big leap to the big screen, and in all honesty, it’ll be a blessing if he never does.


A junior version of longtime X-Men villain Apocalypse, created from the ancient mutant’s DNA, Genesis is a pint-sized world of potential and destined to be either mutantkind’s beloved savior or its ultimate destroyer. As interesting as his backstory is, Genesis is almost a definite "no" for any upcoming and future X-Men films.

After narrowly averting the end of the world when facing Apocalypse in the last installment of the popular mutant comic film franchise, it seems an unlikely move by Fox to include a junior clone of the villain’s in the next X-Men roll call. Despite the extremely unlikely nature of this happening, it still might be entertaining to see a digitally de-aged version of Oscar Isaac reeking havoc on the big screen, right? Anybody?


Oh Skin, you poor, ugly mutant. Does six feet of extra skin really help in any situation? Well this unfortunate gray individual will try and convince you so. Like Mister Fantastic, but not as clever and with much more severe stretching limits, Skin at least has an interesting backstory (a former gang-member who faked his own death), but would just feel out of place in Fox’s movie franchise.

No one is particularly eager to have Skin or his extra six feet of skin on their X-team, and he ultimately ends up six feet under after being crucified by anti-mutant group the Church of Humanity, a sad end to a stretchy individual. All jokes aside imagine what Skin would look like in live action: that is something we really don’t need to see.


bailey hoskins

Bailey Hoskins may have the most unfortunate, pointless power in the history of the X-Men. When young Bailey attended Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters he found that he is able to generate a massive amount of energy by detonating his whole body like a bomb. Once.

That’s right; Bailey will die after that one explosion, rendering his special ability basically useless. This young mutant’s power is clearly meant as a comedic plot point to balance out some of the X-Men’s darker and more serious themes, but in all seriousness, nobody is going to want to see a teenager essentially kill himself in a superhero film. Of course he wouldn’t have to detonate, but then what would be the point of including him? Sorry Bailey, Fox is never going to put you in a movie.



Fantomex in an intriguing character; an escaped mutant from the Weapon Plus program (where Wolverine was given his adamantium skeleton) who’s always carrying a large number of guns and rarely seen without his mask (nope, not you Deadpool) and also has a number of superpowers that aren’t exactly easy to explain and used to speak in a fake French accent: yep Fantomex is a bit of a question mark.

Trying to explain this mutant on screen would not be an easy task and finding a reason to justify his detachable techno-organism nervous system flying around and fighting alongside the X-Men seems like more trouble than it’s worth. It’s highly unlikely that Fox would ever risk using Fantomex in an X-Men blockbuster, something that some might take as a blessing.

Which of these mutants would you love to see on film? Let us know in the comments!

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