X-Men: 10 Villains That Completely Disappeared From The Comics

The X-Men have collected a widely varied rogues gallery over their 50 plus years of existence. But alongside classic foes like Magneto, the Sentinels, or Apocalypse, there are these guys. These villains made a big initial impact or they seemed like they would be a big deal going forward, but for some reason they just totally vanished after a few years, their plot lines left unresolved or forgotten.

Fans of Marvel's merry mutants still remember them, but for many, this will probably be your first introduction to these menaces. Gone but not forgotten, these are 10 X-Men villains who completely disappeared from the comics.

10 Ahab

Named for the infamous white-whale hunting captain, Ahab played a huge role in X-Man Rachel Summers' backstory. He was a cyborg warrior and evil psychologist from Rachel's alternate future timeline. In her youth, Ahab kidnapped and mentally tortured her into one of his "Hounds;" mutant slaves that hunted other mutants.

Rachel and the X-Men defeated this future Ahab, sending him back to his own time, but they soon met the present-day version of the man. Upon learning of his future, he swore to never become Ahab, but destiny seemed against him. The plot line was never picked up.

9 The Externals


The Externals are a perfect example of the "set up to be a big deal" syndrome. A creation of Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld, the Externals were a group of ancient mutants who believed themselves to be immortal.

According to Cable, they were instrumental in Apocalypse's rise to power in his home timeline and the group tried luring in several members of his X-Force team. Both stories ultimately went nowhere and most of the Externals were later killed by member Selene. They're most notable for introducing Deadpool to the Marvel Universe.

8 X-Cutioner


The X-Cutioner is actually a rarity among X-Men villains: he's a human antagonist who hates mutants for a legitimate reason. Originally an FBI agent, Carl Denti found out that his partner died defending the X-Men's secrets. Learning about all the illegal things the mutants had gotten away with over the years, Denti vowed to punish them for their crimes.

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He kitted himself out with alien technology and dubbed himself the X-Cutioner. Though he tried destroying the X-Men a few times, he didn't hate mutants. Denti is still alive as of Civil Warbut someone else has since taken up his mantle.

7 Erik The Red

Erik The Red X-Men

Talk about hitting hard and fading fast. Erik the Red was one of the first major foes of the second X-Men team, the international one that launched the team to stardom. He was responsible for many lasting effects on the X-Men franchise.

Because of him, Havok and Polaris joined the X-Men, the Juggernaut came back, and Magneto had his youth restored. Erik the Red turned out to be an agent of Shi'ar Emperor D'ken, trying to keep his sister Lilandra from gaining the X-Men's aid. He vanished after D'Ken's defeat, despite having every reason for revenge.

6 Phantazia

As the premier antithesis to the X-Men, you'd think members of the Brotherhood of Mutants would be the top of the crop. But sadly, not everybody can make it work for them like Phantazia. First joining the Brotherhood in the 90s, she made an immediate impact with a cool (for the 90s) costume and unique powers.

Phantazia's membership saw her get plenty of attention even outside the X-Books. She fought Sleepwalker, Darkhawk, and even Spider-Man. Unfortunately for her, she lost her powers after House of M and has been in SHIELD custody ever since.

5 The Nasty Boys

Nasty Boys

Yes really, that's what they're called. Or sometimes The Nasty Boyz. One of many henchmen groups assembled by Mr. Sinister, the Nasty Boys are here to represent all the would-be X-Men villain groups of the 90s.

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Nothing about their powers or personalities really stood out, so the Nasty Boys were never really able to make a name for themselves. They didn't even prove as much of a threat as Sinister's last henchmen team, the Marauders. It says something that they only returned in 2018 to get offed by other villains.

4 Garokk

Garokk in Uncanny X-Men

More a foe of jungle lord Ka-Zar than the X-Men, the mutants have battled Garokk enough to put him here. Also known as the Petrified Man, Garokk is the ruler of a primitive empire in the dinosaur-filled jungles of the Savage Land. The X-Men have visited there on many occasions and always come to blows with him.

At one point, he captured the mutants and forced them to fight in an arena to prove his godhood. Another time Magneto captured him to be a guard dog. As trips to the Savage Land diminished, so did appearances by Garokk.

3 Mikhail Rasputin

For a guy with as many X-Men connections as Mikhail Rasputin has, it's strange that he's kind of vanished. Check it: he's Colossus' and Magik's brother, he worked for Apocalypse, he was leader of the Morlocks, and he has a crush on Storm.

Mikhail got a lot of play in the early 2000s as an X-Men foe, working with other villains to increase his own powers and create stronger mutants in general. That might also be why he went away. Mikhail never had a clear motivation behind his villainy and often ended up as a pawn for others.

2 Shinobi Shaw

Shinobi Shaw was a symptom of an attempt to make classic villains the Hellfire Club young and hip. The illegitimate son of Hellfire Club leader Sebastian Shaw, Shinobi tried ousting his father and taking control alongside his friends the Upstarts.

While he (sort of) succeeded, he failed to establish an Inner Circle as powerful as his father's. Upon Sebastian Shaw's return from the dead, Shinobi went underground to avoid his father's wrath. He's mostly been a seat warmer in crossovers since.

1 The Mutant Master

In their early days, the X-Men picked up a lot of one-shot villains. The Mutant Master is probably the most important of these forgotten foes, as he was the Big Bad for the comic's initial run. Leader of the organization Factor Three, he plotted to instigate a war between the US and Soviets and conquer the world in the aftermath.

To do so, the Mutant Master gathered foes like the Blob and Banshee together to destroy the X-Men before they could stop him. He turned out to be an alien and was never even referenced after his defeat.

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