X-Men: First Class, Priest, The Dark Knight Rises: May 13th Comic Reel


Architectural Digest (via Superhero Hype) has a look at some of the film's sets, including a few practical ones found at Englefield House in Berkshire, England:

Caleb Landry Jones spoke with IGN during their visit to the set. He talked about the influence reading "X-Men" comics as research had on his performance. "The script definitely defines him more so than the comics do, because I've got to do what the script says. I try to add as much as possible. I know there's a love connection in the comics with Moira [MacTaggert - played by Rose Byrne in the movie], so I try to look at her just a little bit differently, you know, when I can," he said. "I know Mystique cuts my vocal chords later on - I don't know if they're going to do that in the movies, but therefore I make it a little bit so that if that does happen later on, for any of the fans watching, they can notice that."

Meanwhile, Stan Lee writes on Twitter that, "Incredible as it may seemeth, NO CAMEO doth appear of thy beloved Generalissimo in 'X-Men 1st Class!' I pause whilst thy shock sinketh in." Considering the film's speedy turn-around, I imagine cameos were the last thing on the production team's mind.

Release date: June 3rd, 2011


The stars describe the film to MTV News:

Release date: Today!


Hollywood Chicago (via Latino Review) has a description of the preparations going on in London. A source tells them:

I just got back from St. John Street this morning. Different activity now. They are getting ready to shoot scenes. The typical long, black SUVs that Nolan has are now there. I counted two outside and one inside down the side entrance.

These are the same SUVs that we saw filming "The Dark Knight". They have also put black tarpaulin over the front of the building to stop light getting in that would ruin a shot. They have HUGE cameras and fans down the side entrance. There about 20 film crew on site. The name on the side of the trucks is Panalux.

I also spoke to security. They hinted that this will be the inside of a police station. They said the set inside looks amazing. Security said there's only one entrance and I will definitely see people entering and leaving next week. They were adamant that the main filming is all of next week and the work this week is all preparation. Please do not use my e-mail or name in any public release.

Meanwhile, Badass Digest points to a Google translation of this Xnet article which reports that Israeli actor Alon Abutbul has landed the part of a "mad scientist" in the film.

Release date: July 20th, 2012


According to Comingsoon.net, actor Ian McKellan added this photo of himself to his Flickr photostream:

Release date: 2012


Bleeding Cool spotted this rather bombastic ad for the preview performances of the retooled show:

Opens: June 14th, 2011 ... maybe


Entertainment Weekly (via Spinoff Online) reports that NBC has passed on the show. "NBC isn't saying [why they rejected it] for now but scuttlebutt reveals the pilot earned mixed reviews at test screenings," they write. "And then there was all the online blow back about the costume - which seemed to de-emphasize the patriotism and play up the comic's Greek mythology. Ultimately, the wardrobe department went back to the drawing board but that didn't seem to save the project." While the project could be shopped around to other networks, the prognosis looks doubtful. Deadline adds, "The question is whether the demise of 'Wonder Woman' will give ABC a pause in their push to get on the air a superhero series from corporate sibling Marvel. The network has two high-profile comic-book shows in the works: 'Hulk' with Guillermo del Toro and David Eick and 'AKA Jessica Jones' with Melissa Rosenberg." I'll bet the later, based on Marvel's "Alias," will make it to the air. Its premise can be massaged for network needs with less scrutiny than the higher profile "Hulk."

Release date: TBA


And so, the last regular "Smallville" item. I'm sure there will be a few over the course of the summer as the complete DVD box set nears release, but in the meantime, enjoy CBR's own Kiel Phegley discuss the series finale with MTV News's Rick Marshall, SmallvillePH's Daniel Pulliam and Kryptonsite's Craig Byrne:

Airs: Tonight!


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