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X-Men: First Class, Dredd, Spider-Man: Sept 7th Comic Reel

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X-Men: First Class, Dredd, Spider-Man: Sept 7th Comic Reel


Does Comic Book Movie have the first look at the film’s logo?

Well, it does look like an “X-Men” film logo. As noted in the article, the logo design has been making the rounds along the Internet with people all wondering if its the real deal. Since the film is set in the 1960s, one would thing the logo would reflect that. Of course, this could be a quick production logo with a final design to appear later.

Release date: June 3rd, 2011

DREDD notes some info from the flashtastic IM GLOBAL website regarding the film, now simply called “Dredd.” First Olivia Thirlby as joined the cast as psychic Judge Anderson. Second, the film also has an official synopsis:

DREDD takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary. The endlessly inventive mind of writer Alex Garland and the frenetic vision of director Peter Travis bring DREDD to life as a futuristic neo-noir action film that returns the celebrated character to the dark, visceral incarnation from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s revered comic strip.

Release date: TBA


Andrew Garfield tells The Hollywood Reporter he has been waiting for this role all his life. “Like every young boy who feels stronger on the inside than they look on the outside, any skinny boy basically who wishes their muscles matched their sense of injustice, God, it’s just the stuff that dreams are made of, for sure. It’s a true fucking honor to be part of this symbol that I actually think is a very important symbol and it’s meant a great deal to me, and it continues to mean something to people. So yeah, I feel like I’ve been preparing for it for a while. Ever since Halloween when I was four years old and I wore my first Spider-Man costume,” he said.

Release date: May 28th, 2012


Ridley Scott informs The Independent to expect something quite dark from the “Alien” prequel films. “It’s the dark side of the moon. We are talking about gods and engineers. Engineers of space. And were the aliens designed as a form of biological warfare? Or biology that would go in and clean up a planet?” he offers as a theme to the duology.

Release date: TBA


Paul Pope tells Robot 6‘s Chris Arrant development on the film has aided his work on the book, despite slowing it down. “The film and the book are both on separate tracks and both need to hit within the same timeframe, the book first then the film. I’ve been involved with both, which has slowed things down on the book but also benefitted the story structure for the book, since I’ve been involved pretty intimately on the film script and concept art for the film,” he says. “We aren’t at greenlight yet and can’t say much about it now, but getting there, we have a lot of support from the studio and the producers and there is work going on toward a feature film.”

Release date: TBA


Speaking with Total Film, Marvel’s Kevin Feige explains why the film is being shot in London: “Two thirds of the film actually takes place in Europe and there are many scenes in and around London. So it just made sense that we film it where the majority of the film takes place,” he said. “The history here is pretty impressive. I was at Pinewood yesterday and you walk past pictures of the set of Tim Burton’s original ‘Batman’ and all the amazing work that Donner did on ‘Superman’. Everytime we’re on a new stage in Shepperton somebody tells me this is where the war room was for ‘Dr. Strangelove’ or this is where they shot some of ‘2001’. There’s such an amazing genre film history here and the technicians and the crews and the sets are just some of the best we’ve ever had. It’s been a pleasure.”

Starring Chris Evans, release date: July 22nd, 2011


The Scott Pilgrim experience won’t be complete until I have it on Blu-ray and Brenden over at the Blu-ray Blog let me know the disc is available for pre-order in Canada. According to, the home video will be released on November 9th. That info should be good for the US as well, of course, we’ll know more once there’s official word.

Starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, release date: November 9th, 2010?

THE WALKING DEAD has an interview with director of photography David Boyd. He calls the comic the “benchmark” for the look of the series. “The comic repletes us with beautifully crafted images of all sizes and aspect ratios; it’s visual storytelling at its best. I personally loved the adventure of reading the comics, even before the television series appeared over the horizon. As a cinematographer I’ve always been struck by the similarities that motion pictures and comic books share. The two mediums require, it seems, the same process of the mind to produce. We for the motion picture world often draw images in a comic book form as an aid in planning how to shoot the particular scenes of a film! Our two minds, comics and films, share the same space!” he explained. Meanwhile, AMC has made three new promos available. I’ve chosen this one as it’s pretty damned creepy:

Premieres: Halloween


Ed Gross has an interview with Laura Vandervoort concerning her return to the series this year and what she’ll be able to show Clark. “She’s in the red and blue, semi-Supergirl uniform, without the S, but she does do the brunette wig and glasses, which teaches him that he can have an alternate identity. He can have a face to the red/blue blur, and still be able to walk among the people with another identity. She kind of gives him that idea. I saw the photo – so I guess it is public knowledge that she wears that – but the second part of the reason, the producers told me, about wearing that, was to give him the idea to do it, to have the courage to show his face as the red/blue blur.”

Returns: September 24th, 2010


It might be after Labor Day, but I just got a couple of new white t-shirt that must be worn, so I’m flaunting the odd convention and enjoying a splash of white in my wardrobe through the Fall and into Winter. Meanwhile, if any of you in the great, wide Internet discover something awesome, disheartening, or just plain weird, let us know! Take credit, come up with a clever nickname, or go anonymous. The choice is yours. Fresh rumors and movie news every weekday morning. I am Erik Amaya, ready for the future threat of being a fashion victim.

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