X-Men/Fantastic Four Cover Teases Krakoa Vs Doctor Doom

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A variant cover for X-Men/Fantastic Four from Marvel's February 2020 solicitations showing Doctor Doom grabbing flowers in his fists hints that the Fantastic Four archenemy may have a major clash with the X-Men's new home, the sentient island Krakoa. The upcoming mini-series will focus on what the ramifications of mutantkind leaving the human world for Krakoa in Powers of X and House of X have for Reed and Sue Richards' son, Franklin, an Omega-level mutant with the ability to warp reality.

House of X #1 and solicitations for X-Men/Fantastic Four #1 teased a confrontation between the X-Men and the Fantastic Four over the future of Franklin Richards, who as a mutant has birthright citizenship on Krakoa. However, the solicitations for X-Men/Fantastic Four #2 also suggested Dr. Doom will intervene in events, stating, "The world has been re-shaped by the X-MEN. But you can’t reshape a world without encountering its true master...DOOM."

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The vibrant flowers on the cover are likely the flowers of Krakoa. These plants have actually played an important role in writer Jonathan Hickman's new take on X-Men. Not only do Krakoa's flowers have incredible medicinal properties, they can be used to create new physical landscapes on Krakoa. These properties make the flowers a natural target for Doctor Doom, although what role he will play in X-Men/Fantastic Four has yet to be shown.

X-Men/Fantastic Four is written by Chip Zdarsky (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, Marvel Two-in-One) with art by long-time X-Men artists, Terry and Rachel Dodson.

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