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Comic Legends: John Byrne’s X-Men/Fantastic Four Sound Effect Battle

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Comic Legends: John Byrne’s X-Men/Fantastic Four Sound Effect Battle

Welcome to Comic Book Legends Revealed! This is the six hundred and thirty-third week where we examine comic book legends and whether they are true or false.

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John Byrne got a matter of “revenge” on an X-Men sound effect that irritated him years later in an issue of Fantastic Four



In 1981’s Fantastic Four #240, John Byrne had Black Bolt move the home of the Inhumans to the moon!

Okay, you might look at that sequence and say, “What of it, Brian? That was an awesome sequence.” And it IS. However, take a good look at the early panel where they talk about the lack of sound effects.

That, you see, is the pay-off on something that irked Byrne from THREE YEARS EARLIER.

In 1978’s X-Men #119, Byrne had fairly recently become the official co-plotter of the series (X-Men #113 credited Claremont and Byrne as “raconteurs” while the next issue gave them official co-plotting credit) and he and Claremont had come up with a way to write Banshee out of the series, as Banshee took on Moses Magnum and was able to defeat him. In the process, Magnum’s volcano base exploded…

Byrne thought that his art on the panel where the base exploded told the story of what happened in the scene fine. He felt that there was no need to add a sound effect, and yet that’s precisely what happened.

Byrne was pretty vocal about how much it irritated him at the time, one of the earliest examples of how it was annoying for his views on the book not to be given what he felt was his fair due. This would ultimately lead to him leaving X-Men entirely.

So now, three years later, he got in his dig. Byrne and Claremont would go on to do more digs at each other, but this one, I believe, was the first one of its kind.

Thanks to reader Jan S. for suggesting this one!

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OK, that’s it for this week!

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