X-Men's Final Dawn of X Comic Teases the Debut of a Villainous God

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Fallen Angels #1 by Bryan Edward Hill, Szymon Kudranski and Frank D'armata, on sale Wednesday, Nov. 13.

This week sees the release of Fallen Angels, the final comic to launch from Marvel's X-Men-focused Dawn of X publishing initiative. So far we've gotten new issues of X-MenMaraudersExcaliburNew Mutants and X-Force, with each title delivering something different for the X-Men's new status quo.

Fallen Angels looks to follow in their footsteps by taking a different approach to the X-Men's new utopia society on Krakoa. The heroes have constantly had to fight for their very survival, but now with a new mutant sovereignty established, a process to literally cheat death and a slate of pharmaceutical drugs at their disposal, the days of a dark cloud hovering over the X-Men are long gone.

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However, not every X-Man is so comfortable living a peaceful existence. When you've been a killer and a fighter for the majority of your life, retiring on an island to party and enjoy the finer things in life isn't an appealing proposition. This is where the Fallen Angels come in -- Psylocke, Kid Cable and X-23 will come together after finding themselves unsure of their place in a new mutant world. Things are even more complicated for Psylocke after she and Betsy Braddock finally separated in one of the Hunt For Wolverine miniseries. Kwannon is now back in her Asian body, with Betsy in her proper body to become the new Captain Britain in Excalibur.

Obviously, this will take some getting used to for both parties, and a preview of Fallen Angels #1 features Psylocke meditating while she ponders if she truly fits in on Krakoa. Just as it looks like she can, a voice enters her mind to give a grave warning of a new threat on the horizon.

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The voice reveals Psylocke's new enemy is Apoth, who is referred to as a God. Scenes similar to a hallucination appear on the screen by the artistic team of Szymon Kudranski and Frank D'armata, as Psylocke screams out in pain. A robed figure is shown floating in the air, with their identity either belonging to the mystery voice or the villainous Apoth. "I am truth. And you are not dreaming," the voice says.

The voice then compares Apoth to a Tetragrammaton, which is the Hebrew name for God. More visions are displayed on the page, with a massive face taking the majority of the focus away from a baby crying and a city skyscraper crumbling to the ground. Psylocke is told to go to Tokyo, with another clue stating that Apoth has already taken something precious from her.

The remainder of Fallen Angels #1 should see Psylocke recruit Cable and X-23 to help on her journey to Tokyo. After all, if you're going to kill a God, you better have some trained killers by your side.

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