X-Men Fairy Tales #2 Review

The first issue of this mini-series was quite good, but this issue was on a whole other level. Writer CB Cebulski did a good job, but the clear star of this issue was artist Kyle Baker.

Look no further than the cover above!

How awesome is that?

In any event, this comic tells the tale of "The Friendship of the Tortoise and the Eagle," with the Tortoise being Professor X and the Eagle being Magneto. It may sound awfully silly, but believe me, while perhaps some of you with cold hearts may not find Owly endearing, I think you certainly WILL find the Tortoise endearing.

The way that the transition from Xavier and Magneto to the Tortoise and the Eagle is handled quite cleverly by Cebulski, but really, Baker's art just towers over this production. The amount of personality and character he puts into each panel is just breathtaking. It is almost like the characters are literally moving, the amount of life he breathes into them.

And it's not just the character work, but he creates a lush environment around them as well. And the combination makes the book feel so FULL.

The characters are fairly simple, the Tortoise is picked on because of his funny shell (he has a big X on it ) while the Eagle saw his family killed when he was young, which has forced him to become a vicious predator. The Tortoise ends up sacrificing himself to save the lives of his tormenters, and upon talking with each other, they become friends, as both creatures are terribly lonely. Their interaction is handled quite well.

When the Eagle just can't help but revert to form, the Tortoise never despairs, even in a chilling climax, the Tortoise never gives up his faith in the Eagle. It's a beautiful moment, handled, well, beautifully by Baker.

While the art looks like a cartoon, it might be a BIT too forceful for very young children, but beyond that, this is a great all ages comic fairy tale. This series is off to a great start.

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