X-Men: Extermination May Introduce The Gifted's Strucker Kids

As we move closer to the debut of Marvel Comics' Extermination event, artist Pepe Larraz has begun to share sneak peeks at his artwork for the X-Men miniseries. We know part of the story takes place 20-some years in the future and involves a disaster stemming from the younger, original X-Men not returning to their proper timeline, but Larraz's inked pages help add another layer of mystery and anticipation to the event.

In particular, the most recent reveal from the artist caught our eye, as it features two mutant children confronted by a sign-waving, anti-mutant bigot (played by new X-Men editor, Jordan D. White). When the man pulls a gun on the kids, the young girl creates an energy force field to protect them. The identities of the kids, presumably brother and sister, are unknown, but the girl's powers and a deep dive into Marvel's entertainment franchises (including comics, television and film) for mutant siblings lands us on Lauren and Andy Strucker, stars of Fox's The Gifted.

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Of course, the Strucker family on The Gifted is itself loosely based on the von Strucker family from the comics, with Lauren and Andy's counterparts being the much older Fenris twins. What we could be witnessing is Marvel taking parts of the very popular television series and adapting it to their monthly comic book universe.

This wouldn't be the first time Marvel has retconned the X-Men to fit in with the versions appearing on the small and large screens. For example, after Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch debuted in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, the publisher changed their parentage so they were no longer mutants, or the children of Magneto. As far as visual changes go, the first X-Men film in 2000 introduced black leather uniforms for the superheroes, which soon found its way into the pages of writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely's 2001 New X-Men series.

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Another aspect of the Extermination page is the question of what time period it takes place in. "Countdown to Extermination" post-credits scenes in various X-Men titles take place in the future, but the chances of the event impacting or even taking place in the present-day are pretty high. Of course, there's also the possibility that what we're looking at could have happened in the past as well.

If the goal is to bring The Gifted's version of Fenris to the Marvel Universe, there's no better way to accomplish this feat than by blaming any changes on the effects of time travel caused by Extermination.

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