Who Is the Mysterious X-Man on the First Page of Extermination?


Time is running out for Marvel's original, younger X-Men. Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel, Iceman and Beast may be stuck in the present-day, but an upcoming X-Men event will look to bring forth their final days.

Extermination, from writer Ed Brisson and artist Pepe Larraz, will jump 20 years into the future, where mutantkind is on the verge of extinction, and the time-displaced X-Men may be at fault. Though the members of X-Men Blue believed they resolved their time paradox, with the belief they would eventually be returned to their proper place in time, Extermination looks to accelerate the process by kickstarting their elimination.

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Over the last few weeks, Larraz has teased fans online by posting pages from the X-Men event, with his opening image teasing the first page and panel from Extermination #1. The non-colored page featured the Xavier Institute of the future in ruins from a "Countdown to Extermination" post-credits scene. These scenes have popped up in various X-Men titles to build excitement prior to the event. Since then, colorist Marte Gracia also shared the completed colored page, featuring a better looked at a mysterious hooded figure walking towards the remains of the facility.

Of course, this prompts a host of interesting questions, beginning with who his unidentified person is? Because of the first post-credits scene in X-Men Gold #27, we know the Sentinels are to blame for the attack on the Xavier Institute, and not our mystery guest. However, there's still the question of who this person is, and how big of a role will they play in Extermination?

Thankfully, we have a few educated guesses as to the character's identity, with one clocking in as the odds-on favorite.

Nate Grey

The Age of Apocalypse version of Cyclops' son has been missing from the Marvel Universe for the last couple of years, but Cable's "half-brother" Nate Grey returned in Cable #152 as they fought a techno-organic villain from the far future.

With Extermination also taking place in the future, there is a small chance Nate remained there following his adventure with Cable, allowing him to become involved in the event's proceedings. Adding Nate to Extermination would immediately show how big the stakes are, as he quickly became a fan-favorite character among fans who saw him escape the Age of Apocalypse timeline.

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