X-Men Resurrection: A Major Hero Returns in Extermination's Finale

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Extermination #5, by Ed Brisson, Pepe Larraz, Marte Gracia and Joe Sabino, on sale now.

After their extended stay in the modern Marvel Universe, the time-traveling teenage original X-Men finally got a fitting send-off in Extermination. And in a surprise twist, that miniseries also marked the return of one of the X-Men's most iconic members—Cyclops.

On the last page of Extermination #5, a young version of Cable, who's unofficially called Kid Cable, reveals that he's been working with Cyclops to restore the X-Men's timeline and set the stage for Cyclops' proper return.

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Cyclops return

Thanks to his appearances on the covers to several upcoming issues of Uncanny X-Men, including next month's Annual, Scott Summers' return isn't a complete surprise. However, the nature of his resurrection raises a few big questions.

At the beginning of Extermination, the presence of the teenage Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel in the modern day quickly evolved into a serious issue. When the time-traveling cyborg Ahab tried to doom the X-Men's future by hunting the time-displaced X-Men, Kid Cable intervened. Despite his good intentions, Kid Cable killed an older Cable for failing to protect the timeline, abducted the teenage X-Men and grafted feather wings back onto Angel's body.

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While Kid Cable (who hates that name) was ultimately successful in taking the original teenage X-Men back to their place in history, it's unclear how much this adult Cyclops knew about his son's brutal methods. If Cyclops knew how the young time-traveler was accomplishing his mission, it means that Cyclops was fine with one version of his son, Kid Cable, killing another version of his son, the adult Cable, who he had grown fairly close to during their shared time on the X-Men.

Even though that kind of cold calculation is in-line with some of Cyclops' decision-making, the time-traveling teenage Scott Summers just spent years trying to grow into a different man, and Kid Cable's actions could mean that the young Cyclops went through all of that angst for nothing.

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