X-Men: All Of Marvel's Omega-Level Mutants, Ranked By Power

The Marvel Comics Universe is filled with extremely powerful mutants capable of incredible feats. Over the years, the strongest mutants have been labeled as "Omega-Level," but the members of this exclusive club have never been officially established– until now. In Jonathan Hickman and R.B. Silva’s House of X #1, Marvel finally revealed the official list of mutants who hold the coveted title.

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These mutants hold power with “an undefinable upper limit” and are crucial to the future of mutantkind and the X-Men. With the full list of Omega-Level mutants finally being revealed, we thought we’d look at each of their powers and rank the roster of Marvel’s mightiest mutants.

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14 Proteus

Son of Moira MacTaggert, Proteus has the ability to warp reality. He's capable of manipulating the energy around him at will, his imagination being his only limit. He is made up of pure psionic energy with the ability to possess human bodies.

Each time he possesses a new host, his power grows stronger. But his power comes at a cost: his host bodies burn out quickly, especially when he uses his reality-warping gifts, forcing him to jump between victims, leaving destruction behind him.

13 Elixir

A former member of the New Mutants, Joshua Foley is a powerful healer. With an expert control over the body’s biological structure, he’s capable of instantly regenerating his own body and recovering quickly from injury, as well as curing friends and allies from injury and disease with a simple touch.

His powers developed over the years, too, including the ability to inflict disease upon enemies. While he’s also capable of resurrecting himself, it’s been suggested that he can revive others too.

12 Monarch

The eldest child of the Braddock family, Jamie Braddock Jr discovered he possessed the ability to warp reality when he was an adult. His powers allow him to pull on quantum strings to readjust the world around him as he sees fit, capable of teleporting, warping bodies into painful, horrifying shapes, or completely unleashing chaos into the universe.

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As he gained his new powers, he became unstable, making him one of the most dangerous and unpredictable mutants on Earth.

11 Vulcan

Vulcan inherited the same energy absorption abilities as his long-lost brothers, Cyclops and Havok. Capable of psionically manipulating energy of any kind, including Cyclops’ own energy beams, he can absorb the power into his body and channel it to create devastating blasts, protective forcefields, or propel himself in flight.

He even has the ability to manipulate other mutants’ abilities, stealing or suppressing their powers. He has proven himself to be strong enough to topple the Shi’ar Empire, seizing the throne for himself.

10 Exodus

A 12th Century French crusader, Apocalypse cursed Exodus, trapping him for centuries in a crypt in the Swiss Alps. Gifted with superhuman abilities, he is incredibly strong and is capable of flight. His best asset is his vast psionic power.

One of the most gifted telekinetic mutants in the Marvel Comic Universe, he can lift huge weights with his mind and even enhance his own physical strength with his telekinesis. He can feed on other mutant’s psionic power to boost his own abilities.

9 Iceman

One of the original X-Men, Bobby Drake’s powers have quietly and gradually developed over time, making him one of the most powerful mutants. Able to manipulate the temperature around him, he can freeze the air’s water vapour to create shields and weapons, or even transmute his entire body into living ice.

Over the years, his control over his abilities has become so precise that he can manipulate water and ice on a molecular level, capable of creating icy clones of himself and even extending his consciousness into snow and ice on the ground.

8 Mister M

A resident of New York City’s “Mutant Town,” Absolon Mercator was a loner who appreciated a quiet life. But following the events of M-Day, he emerged to show off his awesome powers. With near-limitless psionic power, Mister M can control subatomic matter and energy, generating heat, fire, and even nuclear energy.

Combined with his ability to phase through objects, he can tinker with the interiors of complex machinery to break or control it. He would rank higher on the list, but his current status is unknown after his seemingly dead body disappeared from his coffin.

7 Hope Summers

The first mutant born since the events of M-Day, Hope was responsible for returning all mutants to earth, saving mutantkind. It was immediately obvious that Hope would become a high-ranking mutant, as Cerebra itself was destroyed when it first landed on her signal.

Taught by Cable to fight, she’s a tough hand-to-hand combatant. But her true power lies in her ability to copy the powers of nearby mutants, using their power at its heightened strength.

6 Magneto

One of Marvel’s most notorious supervillains, Magneto can manipulate magnetic fields as large as the earth’s entire electromagnetic field. He can generate protective forcefields, project powerful electromagnetic blasts, and propel himself in flight, proving himself capable of surviving even in deep space.

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He can manipulate gravity and control iron in a person’s bloodstream, all while defending himself from psionic attacks from his frenemy, Charles Xavier. He’s rightfully gained a reputation as one of Earth’s most powerful – and feared – mutants.

5 Storm

Despite being a close associate of the X-Men for decades, Storm has only recently received Omega-Level status. Known as the Weather Witch, she has the ability to control and manipulate weather, summoning fog, rain, hail, powerful winds, or thunderstorms as she needs.

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Her powers aren’t bound to Earth, either – Storm has summoned natural energy to defeat enemies in space. Her deep connection to nature allows her to see the worlds energy and cause devastation through earthquakes and tsunamis or summon volcanic eruptions.

4 Legion

It’s no surprise that Professor X’s son would be a powerful telepath and telekinetic, capable of causing destruction with his mind. However, Legion’s powers evolved significantly – multiple personalities reside within him, each with their own distinct personality and power.

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While he originally only had three distinct personalities (one telepath, one pyrokinetic, one telekinetic) alongside his own ability to manipulate time and reality, he now has potentially thousands of different personalities residing within him.

3 Kid Omega

One of the few telepaths capable of rivalling Jean Grey’s abilities, Quentin Quire is a rebellious young hero capable of extraordinary feats. While he’s capable of constructing psionic shields and weapons, manipulating minds, casting illusions, and influencing others telepathically, his true power lies in his intelligence.

He can absorb information into his super-genius mind at a startling rate, while his brain conjures millions of thoughts every second. His mind also holds the ability to create an entire miniature world, populate with AI figures and capable of trapping others inside.

2 Franklin Richards

The son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards was destined to become an integral hero in the Marvel Comics Universe. Few could have predicted that he’d be one of the most powerful Omega-Level Mutants at such a young age.

Gifted with psionic power, he can see the future in his dreams and even reshape reality, limited only by his young imagination. He’s earned the respect of some of the Galaxy’s mightiest powers, including Galactus.

1 Jean Grey

One of Professor X’s original X-Men, Jean’s powers proved to be fiercely strong, even as a young girl. Gifted with various psionic abilities, Charles Xavier felt compelled to hide the true extent of her power from her, locking some of her abilities away in her mind.

Even with her true potential being held back, she proved to be an incredible telepath and telekinetic. Her empathetic powers are so impressive that it drew the Phoenix Force to Jean, unlocking the full extent of her powers and enhancing her abilities.

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