X-Men: 10 DC Heroes We’d Love To See Mystique Impersonate

By now we are all acquainted with Marvel's Mystique, a character that has made her fair share of appearances in X-Men comics, video games, and films. The infamous shapeshifter has used her unique ability to cause trouble (and occasionally lend a hand), but it certainly keeps us on our toes since we never know whose appearance she will imitate next.

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While it's expected of Mystique to turn the tables within her own universe, we can't help but wonder how entertaining it would be to watch her cause mayhem for a different set of characters — or better yet, superheroes from a different franchise. Here are 10 DC heroes that we would love to see Mystique impersonate.

10 Doctor Fate

The number one reason we would love to witness Mystique tackle a Doctor Fate impersonation involves the Helmet of Fate. This supernatural artifact — given to Kent Nelson by Nabu, the Lord of Order — converts its user into a skilled magical being. Would the convoluted laws of magic even allow the mutant to replicate the helmet?

Or would her efforts go in vain, with her ending up as a Kent Nelson replica minus his most important piece of equipment? Luckily for Mystique, Doctor Fate's most recent incarnations sport some impressive costumes. At the very least, she'll end up donning a really cool cape.

9 Zatanna

Zatanna Zatara is a successful and well-known stage magician whose abilities extend far beyond bogus illusions and petty sleight of hand tricks. As a member of the Homo Magi race, legitimate magic courses through Zee's veins — which is something Mystique could never replicate.

Her shapeshifting is limited to appearances only so the most she could brag about would be getting to wear a top hat. Watching her scramble to present a viable magic trick would be rather amusing. The X-Men adversary would have a hard time impersonating the enchanting DC hero, but perhaps she could surprise us with a solid, "Is this your card?" moment.

8 Batman

You can't craft a list of DC heroes without mentioning everyone's favorite brooding vigilante. Would Mystique do her best to retain Bruce Wayne's typical demeanor, or would she ruin his reputation by doing something way out of character? All signs point to the latter, and boy would that be fun to observe.

Ideally, the worst outcome would be if she revealed Batman's true identity to the citizens of Gotham (and the rest of the world). Also, how baffled would the Joker be by the duplication of his favorite archenemy? That's a new form of chaos that even he couldn't fathom.

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7 Shazam

There is only one question that truly matters in the case of Mystique impersonating Shazam: would she be willing to behave like a child? Sure, Billy Batson takes the shape of a full-blown adult when he says the magic word, but he's very much a kid at his core. Batson behaving like a sultry and deceptive antihero would definitely raise some eyebrows and ruin the disguise.

Therefore, Mystique would have to put on her best adolescent boy impression, which would require more acting skills than she might be prepared for. Either way, it would be compelling to watch her try.

6 Cyborg

Nothing could be more frustrating than looking like Cyborg and not being able to use his robotic half. Mystique's shape-shifting doesn't grant her the means to use her target's gifts, so watching her trudge around town with such a hefty disguise would be equal parts hilarious and tedious.

Cyborg's internal computer system can interact with external computers, which is a modern-day advantage anyone would be grateful for. Would Mystique have to walk around with a flash drive in hand to be a credible Victor Stone? Also, how convincingly can she shout the word "BOOYAH"? That's a matter of utmost importance that she would need to consider.

5 Hawkgirl

"Hawkgirl" is a legacy name for Hawkman's female counterparts, so the first order of business would be figuring out which version of the character Mystique favors. Theoretically, the chameleon would be able to use Nth Metal to fly, but would the material bond with Mystique's physical dexterity as it does with other wielders?

After all, it's a symbiotic process in the realm of Marvel characters like Venom and Carnage. If so, this could end up being her most efficient disguise yet. Would the rules of shape-shifting change with a Hawkgirl impersonation or would Mystique's attempt be futile? Only an ambitious cross-over would grant us an answer.

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4 Beast Boy

What could be more amusing than a shape-shifter shape-shifting into another shape-shifter? Beast Boy's greatest limitations are that he can only transform into animals or alien creatures, and when he does he retains his green appearance. In most adaptations, he also can't speak when he's in animal form (unless he has taken the shape of a talking creature, like a parrot).

If Mystique imitates Beast Boy and then transforms into an animal, will she maintain the green hue or will the illusion fade? Would she even waste her time impersonating someone who has similar powers? This hypothetical situation comes loaded with questions that only a visionary author could explore.

3 Krypto The Superdog

We're so used to Mystique deceiving everyone with human impersonations that we forget she can imitate animals as well. What better animal to morph into than Superman's pet dog that got sent into space before Krypton was obliterated? We can't imagine a feasible scenario where this would ever be necessary, but it sounds comical enough that someone should explore the option.

Besides, Mystique is probably tired of transforming into other people. We could certainly see her shaking things up a bit by giving the super-dog life a shot. She wouldn't be able to mimic Krypto's otherworldly abilities, but she's resourceful enough to work around that.

2 Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing's body is composed of sentient vegetation and that alone is reason enough to warrant a Mystique imitation. While she wouldn't be able to revel in his superhuman strength, elemental control, and regeneration abilities, she could easily freak a lot of people out with her shocking appearance.

A mere reproduction of Swamp Thing's terrifying exterior might seem trivial, but most enemies would think twice before messing with a green giant that looks like he just crawled out of a sewer. The X-Men antihero could also rendezvous with Poison Ivy and have a fascinating discussion about plants... because why not?

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1 Superman

As is the case with Batman, no list of DC heroes would be complete without mentioning Clark Kent. The damage one could cause while impersonating Superman is limitless. Sure, Mystique wouldn't have access to his ridiculously overpowered skillset, but she could stir up some trouble with his likeness alone.

Anyone that approached her with Kryptonite would be utterly perplexed since the mineral wouldn't affect her. She could even trick Kent's enemies into believing that he developed an immunity to the material. With her ambiguous moral alignment, she could also do a world of good, but what fun would that be?

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