Mystique May Appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Though we don't know much about Fox's upcoming film X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a few details have surfaced online since the movie was announced. For instance, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner is set to play Jean Grey again, and it's rumored that franchise veteran Simon Kinberg will direct the film, though there hasn't been an official announcement quite yet. A recent report hinted that Michael Fassbender may reprise his role as Magneto, and now it seems that he could be joined by another familiar face: Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique.

The news comes from series producer Hutch Parker, who has worked on several films in the X-Men franchise, including X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. When CinemaBlend asked if Lawrence and Fassbender would return in the upcoming movie Dark Phoenix, he said, "I'd rather not confirm any of those officially, but yes, the current story that we're working on has that group involved as well as some of the younger characters that we introduced last time."

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There have also been rumors that Rogue will return to the franchise, with leaked audition footage raising the possibility of Fox re-casting the role. However, when asked about who might or might not appear in the movie, Parker responded, "We're all sorting out exactly which mutants will be part of it, and which ones won't. It is a bit more expansive than... obviously Logan was a bit more intimate of a story. This one's a bit more expansive, and you know the comics, so you know how and why. We're still kind of sorting that through."

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is expected to begin filming this summer in Montreal for a targeted release of November 2, 2018.

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