'X-Men: Danger Room Protocols' shut down after one episode

"X-Men: Danger Room Protocols," a fan-made animated tribute to the 1990s cartoon and comics, has ended after just one episode, purportedly due to legal pressure from Marvel.

"When I set out to make this project, I never really thought this was going to be an issue," creator Joel Furtado said in a video posted this morning. "I didn't think that Marvel was going to react this way, and this outcome, for me, is a little bit shocking."

When contacted by ROBOT 6, Marvel declined comment.

Launched last week, the project was planned as a series of 18 episodes, each pairing two X-Men in a Danger Room training exercise (hence the title). Furtado had described "Danger Room Protocols" as “a love letter to Marvel and my childhood, as well as a way to give something back to the fans.”

In the video, Furtado expresses bewilderment that the Internet is littered with so much fan art and unlicensed prints and apparel, yet Marvel decided to crack down on his project. "I never thought this would be treated any differently," he said.

"The most heartbreaking thing of this entire experience isn't even that I have to throw out this entire project in the garbage, or that I wasted all my money making this," explained Furtado, who said he spent his savings producing "Danger Room Protocols." "The most heartbreaking thing is that this company that I've idolized my entire life, and I'm finally meeting for the first time professionally, and this is the experience that we've gone through, where now Marvel's looking at me like I'm an enemy to them. And that's never what I wanted."

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