X-Men: Cyclops' 'Single Someone' Isn't Jean Grey, It's Emma Frost

scott summers emma frost

When it comes to the X-Men, few people have as complicated love lives as Scott Summers. When he came back from the dead in the recent Uncanny X-Men run, many expected Scott to run back into the arms of his on-again-off-again lover Jean Grey. Perhaps it's the obvious choice too, considering the long romantic history the two share. However, Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu's new X-Men title may be setting up a reunion between Scott and Emma Frost instead. Here's why.

In X-Men #2, Scott leaves a cryptic clue in regard to the state of his love life. The summoner asks him, "Do you love someone?" To which, Scott replies, "Complicated question. But for the sake of expediency let's just say yes. I love a single someone."

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Who is this "single someone?" The most obvious answer is Jean Grey, Scott's wife and primary love interest throughout X-Men history. However, Dawn of X has done everything but the obvious so far, and although Scott and Jean appear to be living together, his last significant relationship was with Emma Frost. There's a good chance that line was a reference to the White Queen herself.

Scott and Emma started dating after he began a telepathic affair with her in Grant Morrison's New X-Men series. Towards the end of the run, Scott had to make a choice: Jean or Emma. He chose Emma.

However, Jean and Scott never truly got a chance to talk about it and say goodbye, since Jean died shortly after Scott came to his revelation. He piled guilt on himself after his wife's death, turning down Emma's offer to run the school together and quitting the X-Men altogether. It wasn't until Jean, after witnessing an apocalyptic reality, reached out from beyond the grave to tell Scott it was ok to move on. With Jean's blessing, he and Emma started their new life together.

Since then, they've been a prominent couple in the X-Men series, entering a committed, long-term relationship that lasted all the way until 2013's Uncanny X-Men. Scott even reaffirmed his choice to be with her in Phoenix: Endsong, where he declares, "You're good for me Emma Frost. That's why I love you."

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scott summers emma frost

Phoenix: Endsong was an ode to Scott and Jean, honoring their relationship for what it was, but asserting that Scott's heart now lied with Emma. Even the Phoenix Force itself was forced to accept the reality that Scott truly loved Emma and that times were no longer the same. Scott loves Jean and she is an important part of his life, but he is in love with Emma.

While Endsong provided clarity for Scott, Jean and Emma, Phoenix Resurrection was the goodbye Scott and Jean never had. It was an acknowledgment of the tragedy of their relationship and that, while Scott and Jean may always love one another, it may not be written in the cards for them. Huge emphasis on the "may."

Scott and Emma never had the same chance to say goodbye. When he died in Death of X, he died in Emma's arms, leaving her devastated. At his funeral, she even went as far to call Scott "The only man I ever wanted to give a damn about me."

In the most recent Uncanny X-Men series, Emma is stunned by Scott's reappearance. In order to protect him, she makes him forget who she is, though not before making a promise that she would find a way for them to be together again one day.

In House of M, when Wanda gave the X-Men and the Avengers a chance to live out their heart's desire, Scott wanted to live in domestic bliss with his wife, Emma. That simple, happy life with someone he loves is what Scott longs to have and Danielle Moonstar even acknowledges that fact about him in the aforementioned Uncanny X-Men run. She asks if he'd finally let himself be happy and have a future with Emma, but Scott was far too focused on saving the X-Men to worry about his complicated love life.

With all the chaos and danger, the timing just wasn't right, but maybe it is now through the freedom Krakoa provides.

Dawn of X opens up a whole new world for the X-Men --in more ways than one. For the first time in years, Jean, Scott and Emma are all alive --and single for that matter. It's clear that Scott and Jean are still close, as evidenced by their shots together and conjoining rooms on the Summer Home. But the interaction between Scott and Emma has been slim, perhaps for a reason --the shock value of a reconciliation reveal, maybe?

During the celebration in House of X #6, Emma and Scott share their first interaction since Uncanny X-Men, being finally granted a moment of peace. It's brief, but through the crowd, Emma shares a tender look with Scott, who smiles at her softly in return. It's clear that there's more to that interaction than just a cursory glance.

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Scott's affirmation that he loves one singular person was vague, but perhaps intentionally so. Readers anticipate the answer to be Jean, but there's a lot of evidence to support the idea of his mystery lover being Emma. The two can't be together on the same team while she's running the Hellfire Trading Company and overseeing the Marauders' operations, giving deeper meaning to Scott's statement about wanting to be with that mystery "someone" he loves.

Additionally, the two are set to share some interactions in the upcoming X-Men #3 in a location that holds significance for the couple: The Savage Land. In Ed Brubaker's Uncanny X-Men, after Scott refused Tony Stark's request to comply with the Mutant Registration Act, he took Emma on a romantic trip to the Savage Land. While they were there, the two reaffirmed their commitment and Scott declared that he would make the world a better place for them to live in.

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scott summers emma frost

Scott and Jean never got divorced because of her untimely death, so now that she's alive, maybe the two have still neglected to do so, resulting in their continued marriage. Throughout House of X and Powers of X, Hickman quietly hinted that the notions of love, romance and relationships mean different things to mutants than humans. With that in mind, maybe Scott and Jean share a marriage in name only, a remnant of a social tie that means nothing on Krakoa.

Whether they're lovers or not, Scott and Jean are massively important parts of each other's lives. Coupled with the fact that they're currently living with their children, perhaps they're just parenting together and enjoying their time together for whatever it is.

There's also the closeness between Logan and Jean that raises eyebrows. Previously, Logan had unrequited feelings for Jean and the two never were engaged in a romantic relationship. However, Dawn of X seems to be exploring the possibility of a stronger tie. Jean and Logan's rooms are specifically connected in the Summer Home and the preview for Wolverine #1 certainly hints at a close moment between the two.

Perhaps a more important clue comes in the form of "Sinister Secrets #5" from Powers of X. The excerpt reads: "He's the best there is at what he does. She's married with a kid. The husband knows exactly what's going on, but who is he to point the finger? He's up to much the same, and more. Maybe this is just the new normal on the mutant island." This certainly seems like a hint at Logan/Jean. It also implies that Scott, the husband, is ok with their relationship because he's with someone else as well --and all signs seem to be pointing towards his last love, Emma Frost.

After all, Dawn of X is all about shaking up the status quo and doing the unexpected and this arrangement would certainly fit the bill for surprising. For now, it's all just speculation, but there's no denying both Jean and Emma are hugely important figures in Scott's life and incredible characters on their own merit.

X-Men #3 releases Dec. 4.

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