X-Men: Arizona Man Selling Valuable Collection To Pay For Cancer Treatments

Arizona resident and longtime comic book fan and collector Robert Letscher will soon part with his beloved collection of over 600 X-Men comics, as the 55-year-old, Mesa-based fan is auctioning it off to pay for his cancer treatments.

In an interview with the Phoenix-based 12 News, Letscher discussed both his collection, which he describes as "the most comprehensive and highest graded X-Men collection ever assembled", and the diagnosis from a doctor that led to his decision.

"'I just thought you wanted to know you probably have cancer'," Letscher recounted. "And then just walked out the room. And I'm like, is this really happening?"

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With the cancer moving through his esophagus for nearly a year, Letscher has a very slim chance of living through it. But despite the rather grim diagnosis, Letscher is determined to beat the cancer, and not leave his family without any way to pay for his bills.

"I certainly hope and intend to get better -- but if I don't, I'll at least have peace of mind knowing I didn't leave them with a bunch of comic books and no way to pay for the medical bills which are still cascading in," Letscher said.

While Letscher does have insurance through his wife's job, deductibles and copays prove to be a problem. In turn, he has decided to part with his comics. Letscher has since put the comics up for an online auction though the New York City-based ComicConnect.com. Bidding on his comics will begin tomorrow, Monday, Aug. 19.

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"It wouldn't really surprise me if it eclipsed half a million in all total,” Letscher concluded in regards to his expectations for the auction.

Interested fans can see the collection on ComicConnect, while other comics Letscher is selling can be found on his personal eBay store, Key Comics.

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