The 10 Best X-Men Collectibles, Ranked

With Dark Phoenix hitting theaters and effectively closing out almost twenty years of Fox's cinematic X-Men franchise, fans are undoubtedly divided over the future of Marvel's merry mutants. Fans of the franchise don't want it to end and detractors are excited by the move to Disney and a possible appearance in the MCU.

Luckily, the comics have continued unfettered by studio legalities for the most part, and fans and collectors alike continue to celebrate their love of the X-Men. Today, we are going to take a look at a few new releases from Sideshow Collectibles that highlight some of the best X-Men Collectibles out there, and how they stack up against each other.

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The former White Queen of the Hellfire Club has had an interesting relationship with the team over the years, having been both a leader and an enemy of the X-Men. Even as a powerful telepathic member of the X-Men, Emma Frost's actions were usually suspect and her loyalties often called in to question due to her shaded past and altruistic nature.

This 19.5" Premium Format figure features Emma Frost in a telepathic battle stance atop the wreckage of a Cerebro machine, which also features Wolverine-damaged machinery, Cyclops' visor, and the Juggernaut's footprint. This dynamic statue also features dual head busts that perfectly capture Emma Frost's duplicitous nature.


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There are some moments in the X-Men's history that are just as iconic as certain storylines, and can even transcend the stories themselves. One such moment, or more specifically maneuver, is known as the "Fastball Special" and was first used in X-Men #100 when Colossus threw Wolverine into battle, creating an oft-repeated fan-favorite moment.

Fans can now own their very own memorial of this legendary move with a new Sideshow Collectibles Art Print. The image is from Eisner-award winning artist Paolo Riviera and features Colossus, standing amidst the rubble of a Sentinel battle, dynamically hurling Wolverine with the legendary "Fastball Special."


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The founder of the X-Men has played a crucial role in almost every X-storyline ever written, though his death in the pages of Avengers vs X-Men ended his six-decade run in the comics. One of the most iconic versions of Professor Charles Xavier comes from the 90's animated series, which featured his golden levitating wheelchair and a power-enhancing headset Cerebro.

Iron Studios BDS Art Scale X-Men diorama features this Professor X statue in his iconic floating wheelchair amidst the rubble of a destroyed X-Mansion. The rubble on the base of Xavier's figure features a tipped over chess set, which fans of the X-Men will recognize as Xavier and longtime friend/foe Magneto's favorite game.


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While the majority of Fox's X-franchise will likely not be seen again following Disney's takeover of the X-Men's film rights, it is very likely that Fox's version of Deadpool may live on with Disney given his popularity. That means the merc-with-a-mouth may return in some form, giving Deadpool fans across the world a reason to celebrate.

This 1/6 scale Hot Toys Deadpool 2 figure is perfect for any fan of the films or the comic character and includes a number of hilarious accessories that add to the appeal of the figure. These include a stuffed unicorn, a yellow-and-black X-Men jersey, wearable power-dampening collar, and a number of optional hands, weapon choices, and even a killer pair of heels.


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Speaking of Deadpool 2, the film also featured the first live-action appearance of Nathan Summers, the militaristic time-traveling mutant known as Cable. Cable has a rich history with the X-Men and his origins are tied directly to his parents, Cyclops and Jean Grey (sort of), and his eternal struggle with recurring X-Men villain Apocalypse.

The Cable Premium Format figure stands at a whopping 24.5” tall, and features Cable in full X-costume with a number of portals opening around him while he wields two impossibly massive weapons in true Cable fashion. The figure even comes with an optional portal accessory that features a Deadpool arm dropping off a tiny Deadpool stuffy for his best bud Cable.


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We saw a minimized version of Wolverine's classic Weapon X look in X-Men: Apocalypse, though it failed to properly showcase the iconic look of Logan while he was under the control of the Weapon X program. Logan has rarely been at his most dangerous as when he was the mind-controlled one-man killing machine known as Weapon X.

Sideshow and Kotobukiya have released a Fine Art statue sculpted by Erick Sosa that perfectly captures Logan in full Weapon X mode, displayed on a frozen winter base to set the scene. The statue features the removable controlling headpiece that has become so synonymous with the Weapon X-version of Wolverine, making this a must-have for any X-collector.


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Rogue is a fan-favorite character that has existed on almost every iteration of the X-Men since she joined the team way back in Uncanny X-Men #171. The southern belle has grown into not only a dedicated leader of the X-Men but a trusted member of the Avengers and even recently married her long-time paramour Remy LeBeau AKA Gambit.

Sideshow is releasing a 22” Rogue Maquette that features the character in her 90s green and yellow textured costume complete with a faux-leather bomber jacket with the red "X" logo on the shoulder. The statue features Rogue in a dynamic flying pose as she tears a bladed piece of machinery apart, and even features both her classic and modern hairstyles.


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Juggernaut is a frequent foe of the X-Men and has actually appeared in two different forms in the cinematic X-franchise. The most recent was seen in Deadpool 2 and featured the largest version of the characters seen on the big screen, finally showcasing the dangerous threat of the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Sideshow has released a massive 27" maquette that also manages to capture the incredible power of the mystically-enhanced Juggernaut. The maquette features Juggernaut in a dramatic action pose, with debris and damage littering his base, and even comes with a partially phased Kitty Pryde figure to add to the incredible display of a rampaging Juggernaut.


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When discussing legendary X-Men characters or storylines, it's nearly impossible to not discuss Dark Phoenix. When Jean Grey is corrupted by the immensely powerful Phoenix Force, she becomes a threat not just to the X-Men, but the entire universe. We'll see another version of the Phoenix-corrupted Jean when Dark Phoenix hits theaters.

This Premium Format Dark Phoenix figure features an incredibly detailed sculpt of Jean Grey in her Dark Phoenix costume, complete with the fiery effects that accompany her transformation. The statue features Jean in an incredibly intimidating pose as her eyes light up and her hair and sash wave as she is overloaded with the energies of the Phoenix Force.


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While Magneto was first introduced as an enemy of the X-Men and remained so for many years, he has more recently worked alongside the X-Men to secure their dream of humans and mutants living in harmony, though he occasionally switched back to his villainous roots when faced with the continued bigotry of the human race.

Hovering over a base made up of crushed and deformed Sentinels, Magneto stands high in this 25" tall maquette. The huge piece comes with alternate head sculpts to feature either the helmeted Master of Magnetism or the more humane silver-haired Erik Lensherr, allowing collectors to place Magneto on either side of their display.

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