X-Men, Catwoman, Green Hornet: May 18th Comic Reel Wrap

X-MEN 3 & 4

It's so passe to discuss merely the next sequel, so we're happy to discuss sequels waaaay down the line. A scooper at Ain't It Cool News reports that the next two mutant-minded movies will be done at the same time. The news came when the scooper chatted up and old friend, who mentioned a "contract [that] would carry over to X-Men 4 which would film back to back with #3."


Comics Continuum has a set of screen captures from the television commercial for the film, which opens July 23rd.


According to Variety (subscription required), Universal Pictures has paid $1 million to option the upcoming Doug TenNapel graphic novel, set to publish this summer from Image Comics.


JoBlo.com put together two and two after reading a message board post over at director Kevin Smith's View Askew website. The original post first discussed the script saying, "It's coming. Was fifty pages in. Then, I sh*t-canned everything and started over. Now I'm sixty pages in and digging it much more. I'm figuring the first draft's gonna come in at around 180 pages ... Spent a long time second-guessing myself, trying to write a mainstream flick. Then, I realized that sh*t's for the birds, and I should just write it as if it were a comic book. Since then, it's been much easier." JoBlo.com read this to mean, "Kevin Smith confirmed this past weekend that 'HORNET' will be delayed and likely won't be his next project ... It's likely this delay, combined with his desire to do a smaller film post-'JERSEY GIRL,' led to 'HORNET's being pushed back. Smith went on to say the order for his upcoming projects now looks like this: 1) Aforementioned 'small project,' 2) 'THE GREEN HORNET,' 3) 'FLETCH WON,' 4) 'RANGER DANGER AND THE DANGER RANGERS.'" In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Smith himself responded, saying "Who said any progress had been stalled? Was there some sort of schedule I didn't know about? And where was all this speculation that's suddenly been ended? There's no news here. Why has this popped up at JoBlo, SuperHeroHype, and IGN? It's getting so I can't answer questions here anymore without some journo trying to turn it into non-news. I swear... There's no delay. We're shooting when the script's done. There was never any schedule; hence, how could there be a delay?" Smith went on to say "it won't delay the movie. While we're in pre- on 'Hornet,' I'm gonna squeeze out the little project on the side."


Kryptonsite got a sneak peek at Titan Books "Smallville Yearbook" and have reprinted the interview with actor Michael Rosenbaum. In it the young Lex Luthor discusses how he got the part, which secrets he will not reveal, and why he feels the show is a success. Meanwhile, the WB fall schedule shows that Smallville will be moving to 8PM on Wednesdays (as was also reported in Variety, USA Today and other media outlets).


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