X-Men Blue Reveals the Mastermind Behind the Team's Broken Timestream

The Totality Of Time

Of course, the X-Men Blue team and Magneto survive the explosion, thanks to Beast's future-tech. With the missile fast-approaching, the resident mutant scientist didn't have time to consider where to transport everyone, which leaves them in a place between time and space. Before Magneto can question whether these X-Men are allies or enemies, he notices his unique surroundings -- images from across time, space and other realities.

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What we have here are various events and scenes from the X-Men's vast history, along with some pieces of never-before-seen footage: Apocalypse with Storm, Maggot and Havok among his Four Horsemen; Quentin Quire in full possession of the Phoenix Force; Magneto and Charles fighting side-by-side; Wolverine after he escaped the Weapon X program; Onslaught; and the Age of Apocalypse, to name a few.

Magneto and the X-Men begin to trade notes, filling each other in on reality crumbling and murder sprees. Some fundamental questions come up in the discussion, most important of which is whether these ultra-violent X-Men are the real deal?

Unable to address these admittedly pressing concerns, the X-Men and Magneto instead focus on the only thing still in their power: Taking down the counterpart X-Men.

The Evil X-Men Revealed

With a mansion filled with X-Men, fake X-Men and Magneto, it's not long before a fight breaks out. It a short scuffle, however, as Magneto is struck down from behind by a psychic attack -- which isn't supposed to happen when he's wearing his helmet. No longer needing their disguises, these evil X-Men are revealed to be the Future Brotherhood: Charles Xavier II (son of Wolverine and Mystique), Raze (Charles II's brother and the son of Charles Xavier and Mystique), Xorn (older, original Jean Grey), Old Man Deadpool, Ice Thing (one of Iceman's sentient constructs) and Bruiser (Runaway's Molly Hayes).

First appearing in the X-Men 2013 crossover event "Battle of the Atom" -- which Bendis co-wrote with Jason Aaron and Brian Wood -- this iteration of the Brotherhood masqueraded as X-Men from the future, tasked with sending the original X-Men home in order to prevent a catastrophe from taking place. After Magik, Beast and Angel traveled to the future for answers of their own, they met the true X-Men of the future, who agreed to help bring down their rivals.

In hindsight, it should have been obvious who was behind the X-Men Blue time paradoxes. The Brotherhood's one and only appearance revolved entirely around the displaced X-Men, and after being unsuccessful at sending them back to the past, they've decided to simply take their place. One could make a case that the Brotherhood is the younger X-Men's top nemesis after the lengths they've taken to get on the heroes' radar.

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It will be interesting to see what the fallout is from "Cross Time Capers." If the original X-Men win, will they decide to stay in their intended time period? If they fail, the entire history of the X-Men, and the Marvel Universe, will permanently be rewritten. With the knowledge that X-Men Blue will continue past this story arc, the answer leans closer to some type of middle ground being established that sees the X-Men staying in the current-day while the timestream is corrected. We'll find out shortly when X-Men Blue #20, the "Cross Time Capers" finale, arrives on Jan. 24.

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