Are Marvel's Original, Younger X-Men On Their Way Out?

After a few stops through key moments in X-Men history (Scott and Jean's wedding day, and a Phoenix-powered Cyclops murdering Charles Xavier), the X-Men Blue lineup jump to the future for a meet-and-greet with the X-Men of 2099. Once the two teams exchange pleasantries, Alchemax soldiers go on the attack. During the battle, Jimmy Hudson and Angel come across a monument of the original five X-Men.

Apparently, the X-Men mounted a hostile takeover of the evil company, keeping a focus on the evil parts and instituting a class system of haves and have-nots. There is also a new strain of the Legacy Virus that targets anyone who impedes the X-regime's progress.

Suddenly, a future Sentinel retrofitted with the original X-Men's faces takes aim at the assembled mutants. Cerebra is able to fix Beast's time travel tech, while also passing to him stealth cyber gear for their journey to the next pre-programmed destination: The timeline of Generation X.

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It's here where another piece of the puzzle is revealed, when Scott and Jean meet with Xavier School headmasters, Sean Cassidy and Emma Frost. As they're talking, the mansion begins to change in front of their eyes. Initially thought to be another time anomaly, it's really the ruins of the X-Resistance's last stand against none other than a Jean Grey Madeline Pryor; Phoenix Force Cyclops; Dark Beast; Angel wielding the power of the Black Vortex; and Iceman, in his human form but controlling his ice powers.

Every horrific act the original X-Men committed, from the Alchemax takeover to slaughtering their fellow X-Men in the X-Resistance, can be attributed to their killing of Magneto. Once they get their time machine working properly, the X-Men venture back to this key moment while the altercation is underway.

But what will happen once the time-traveling X-Men interfere with their counterparts? All the original five X-Men know is, they need to go back home and allow the timeline to heal itself. However, we know their ongoing series will continue past this story arc, so there has to be more to it. Can they fix time while simultaneously getting to stay in the present? We'll have to wait for the finale of "Cross Time Capers" in X-Men Blue #19 to find out.

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