X-Men Blue: Magneto Has A Brand New Kill List, With A Major Name At #1

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Blue #30 by Cullen Bunn, Nathan Stockman, Matt Milla, and VC’s Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

For decades, Magneto has floated from misunderstood villain to teacher to an anti-hero whose methods are, frankly, too extreme. In X-Men Blue, he's definitely toeing the line, pushed to seek out desperate measures by outside forces. As such, he's searching high and low to find any way possible to protect his species from anti-mutant sentiment.

As a seasoned veteran, a big part of his strategy tends to involve proactive planning and figuring out his enemies, by any and all means, something Professor Xavier tried to teach him to be tactful about back in the day. At present, though, Magneto's bit short of allies, as well as ideas. This, of course, leads to him reverting to old tactics: Strike first, strike hard and kill the enemy.

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In X-Men Blue #30, we find out just how far the Master of Magnetism is willing to go with his ambitions. Here, we learn he actually has a brand-new kill list he needs knocked off in order to safeguard his people from future threats.

This issue continues the battle between Jimmy Hudson (the Ultimate Wolverine) and his "brother" Daken while the original time-displaced X-Men try to stop them from killing each other. Jimmy's been infected by an alien entity and is now going by the name Poison, and Daken intends to put him down, especially as he believes the X-Men are too soft to do what's necessary.

What shocked readers in the last issue was Daken's revelation that Magneto was actually the one who tasked him with this job, something which is stunning given both 'Wolverines' were fighting alongside Magneto against the recent Mothervine conspiracy led by a now-redeemed Havok, Emma Frost, Miss Sinister and Bastion.

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Magneto eventually overcame the villains, but despite Emma atoning for her mistakes, Magneto made it clear he was coming for her, as she made him kill a bunch of innocent mutants created by the project. When Daken reveals she's on the list, then, it's no surprise, because Magneto also had serious issues with her villainous tactics back in the Inhumans vs. X-Men event where she possessed him and used him as a weapon of mass destruction.

As for Jimmy, well it's unknown why Magneto has suddenly turned on him, or why Daken's taking so much pleasure in hunting a former teammate. This course of action is reminiscent of when Magneto knew of Cyclops' Uncanny X-Force team and kept it secret as he felt it was a better version of his Brotherhood, ready to kill to protect mutants. Now, he's deploying similar methods, but this time, he doesn't really care to hide.

This is all clearly tied into the Extermination event where we see Magneto summoning a new Brotherhood (not seen in the comic panel) to his side. We believe Daken's going to be one member but everything else is a mystery. When Daken starts spilling the details after the X-Men apprehend him here, allowing Jimmy to escape, it's highly apparent he's down with Magneto's vision. In fact, he tells the youngsters Magneto's off handling bigger targets, even hinting the list is more extensive than people will assume. The fact he's so secretive yet enjoying the hits being lined up is ominous because it doesn't bode well for mutants, especially if Magneto's schemes get exposed to the world.

With Magneto poised to visit the future in Issues #33 and #34, dark clouds definitely loom. A team-up with the future, original X-Men will lead him to “submit to his darker instincts” and face a major turning point, so this does seem to be the catalyst for Magneto breaking bad.

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With the shady Briar Raleigh at his side, and Magneto arming Daken with adamantium weapons, he has all the tools he needs. So unless a recently-resurrected Xavier comes to stop him, there's no price Erik Lehnsherr isn't willing to pay to save mutantkind, and as in the past, he's willing to do so in blood.

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