X-Men Blue Reveals the First Member of Magneto's New Brotherhood

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Blue #29 by Cullen Bunn, Nathan Stockman, Matt Milla, and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Magneto may be working alongside Charles Xavier's original students in X-Men Blue, but it doesn't mean the Master of Magnetism has turned over a new leaf. Already a character not to be fully trusted, it was revealed Magneto had been working behind the scenes to send the time-displaced X-Men back to their proper timeline.

Once you factor in the events of the recently concluded Mothervine story arc -- where Magneto was forced to kill innocent mutants being controlled by Miss Sinister -- and its no surprise to hear Magneto may be returning to his villainous roots.

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And as a "Things To Come" final page for X-Men Blue #28 revealed, what's next for Magneto will involve a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with Issue #29 introducing his first recruit.

Magneto Sends His Regards

The majority of the issue follows the X-Men as they search for their missing teammate, Jimmy Hudson, who has found himself the host of a Poison symbiote from the weekly Venomized miniseries. Jimmy is doing his best to fight off the evil alien influence, but just can't gain the upper hand. Before the X-Men can try another tactic to help their friend, a sword plunges through his chest from behind. The owner of the sword is none other than Wolverine's son, Daken, who calls out Magneto as the person who sent him to put Jimmy out of his misery.

The Adamantium sword Daken is wielding was shaped by Magneto himself, and was offered as a gift back in X-Men Blue #24 in exchange for Daken's help in taking down Mothervine. Of course, since they were successful in defeating Mothervine, Magneto must have found another use for Daken's unique abilities and sent him to tie up a loose end in the Ultimate Wolverine's conversion to a Poison. One thing to keep in mind is this choice of action makes Magneto come across as a hypocrite, especially since Jimmy was also on Polaris' new team of X-Men alongside his "brother" Daken. But because Magneto no longer has any use for Jimmy, he is now expendable.

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The Master of Magnetism's trip to the future in August's X-Men Blue #33 and #34 could also play a part in his decision to reform the Brotherhood. A team-up with the future, original X-Men will lead Magneto to “submit to his darker instincts” and face a major turning point, which could signal the final straw in his decision to break bad.

There is a good chance Magneto will bring Briar Raleigh along to assist with his new Brotherhood, but who else could be a part of the membership drive? Polaris was recently haunted by her evil Malice persona, and even though she drove it away, who's to say it won't return? However, no matter who joins Magneto, the X-Men will be there to oppose his Brotherhood.

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