X-Men Blue's Jimmy Hudson Joins the Ranks of [SPOILER]

When it comes to Marvel titles with a constantly changing status quo, not many can compare to the ups and downs of X-Men Blue. The younger, time-displaced mutant team began the series working covertly for Magneto before traveling to the past and future to solve their time paradox. From there, they journeyed to deep space in a crossover with the Lethal Protector, Venom.

Just when things appear to be settling down for the group, an ominous "Things To Come" epilogue in X-Men Blue #28 teased more threats in their near future, including a look at the original X-Men squaring off against what appeared to be a Venom-Wolverine hybrid.  We wagered the creature was either Jimmy Hudson possessed by a symbiote left over from the recently-concluded Venomized event, or an alternate reality Wolverine who found refuge in the Marvel Prime Universe.

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Well, come to find out, we weren't far off in our guesses, as the preview of next week's X-Men Blue #29 confirmed it is, in fact, Jimmy Hudson with a Poison-eating symbiote occupying his body.

The Poisons' master plan involved arming their targets with Klyntar symbiotes in order to increase their powers, so they could then turn around and feast on them, making the Poisons stronger in the process. Venomized #3 saw Jimmy fall victim to step one of the process. Step two took place in Issue #4, where Jimmy found himself attached to a Poison. The event continued without referencing what became of the Ultimate Universe Wolverine, but Jean Grey was able to break free of the Poisons and use her telepathic powers to shut them down for good and, presumably, rid them as a threat.

However, not every Poison was destroyed, as a panel in Venomized #5 showed a Poison Wolverine emerging from the woods. At the time, our assumption was this mystery character was an evil Poison holdover from the other universe, but now we know writer Cullen Bunn was laying a seed for X-Men Blue's "The Search for Jimmy Hudson" story arc.

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So, what does this all mean for Jimmy Hudson and his teammates? Solicitations for upcoming issues of the series tease a dark turn for the Ultimate Universe's Wolverine, prompting the question of if he will walk away as a hero or a villain. If Jimmy were to go full-on bad guy, then the influence of his Poison symbiote would be the reason for it. Of course, his friends will do whatever it takes to free Jimmy of his alien leech, but will it be enough to keep him as a hero?

No matter the outcome, we know for a fact Jimmy will walk away with a new codename after what is being billed as "one of the most violent battles in X-MEN history" against his "brother," Daken, in X-Men Blue #30.

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