X-Men Blue and Gold December 2017 Solicitations

In advance of Marvel's full December 2017 solicitations, CBR has a look at Marvel's covers and solicitation text for X-Men Blue #16 and X-Men Gold #16, the first issue of new story arcs for both books -- "Cross Time Capers" and "The Negative Zone War," respectively. Both of these are relisted from the November 2017 solicitations, and it's the first look at Arthur Adams' cover to X-Men Blue #16. Also, the title of the arc starting in X-Men Gold #16 has shifted from "The Daratyus Odyssey" to "The Negative Zone War."

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Marvel's full December 2017 solicitations are slated to debut online on Tuesday, Sept. 19.


  • (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Thony Silas (CA) Arthur Adams
  • CROSS TIME CAPERS Part 1 • What do you get you get when you mix five time-displaced teens, a time machine and one fractured timeline? You get Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy and Warren Worthington III - impromptu time cops!


  • (W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Lan Medina (CA) Ken Lashley
  • THE NEGATIVE ZONE WAR PART 1 Invaders from deep within THE NEGATIVE ZONE have come to reclaim one of their own... And they're taking one of THE X-MEN with them!

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