X-Men Blue Finale Includes a Special Cameo From a Former Teammate

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for X-Men Blue #36 by Cullen Bunn, Marcus To, Matt Milla and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Though Marvel's Original Five X-Men are tied up in Extermination shenanigans at the moment, the monthly comic they starred in, X-Men Blue, came to an end recently. Cullen Bunn and Marcus To concluded the series by having Jean Grey, Cyclops, Iceman, Angel and Beast tie up loose ends by catching up with guest-stars that have appeared through X-Men Blue, including the villain Mojo, Cyclops' father Corsair and the Starjammers, the Raksha gang from Madripoor, and former teammates Polaris and Danger.

Another teammate returns during a quiet, tender moment between Cyclops and Jean Grey, who have decades of relationship ups and downs between their adult counterparts. The young mutants, however, haven't been an official couple since Adult Beast plucked them out of the timestream and brought them to the present day. The characters have flirted with other characters, with Young Beast showing an interest in Jean, and Cyclops finding an attraction to Bloodstorm.

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The teleporting Pickles takes Jean to the edge of the Xavier Institute, where Cyclops is waiting. Even though their psychic connection was severed in the "Poison-X" crossover with Venom, they admit there is still a bond between the two, which they seal with a kiss.

What the teens don't realize is Sebastian Shaw is lurking in the shadows, looking for payback against Magneto for what the Master of Magnetism did to him during the Mothervine story arc. Before Shaw can strike, the Ultimate Wolverine Jimmy Hudson, now going by the name Poison, stops him.

Jimmy stops Shaw not so much because he's a bad guy, but because he wants Scott Summers and Jean to have this moment between them uninterrupted. As Jimmy said, "... because they deserve it." The "Poison-X" saw the symbiote-eating Poisons from different dimensions invade Earth, with heroes from across the Marvel Universe fighting together to stop the invasion.

The finale of the event saw Jimmy stay bonded with one of the Poisons, which ended up twisting his mind to the point where he attacked his teammates. Daken tried to end Jimmy's suffering by killing him, but the X-Men stopped him. Now calling himself Poison, Jimmy saw how much of a threat he is and decided to leave the team, but his cameo in X-Men Blue #36 confirms he has still kept tabs on his friends, even lending a helping hand, claw and symbiote to keep them safe.

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Though X-Men Blue is over, Poison is still out there in the Marvel Universe, just waiting for another creator to come along and put their personal spin on the character. Hopefully, Jimmy does show up somewhere, as he's one of the most unique characters in existence, as he's now a cross between Wolverine and Venom and could headline his own solo series off those stats alone.

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